Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ghetto Pass: The Ghetto Chicken Spot

This week's GP is on The Ghetto Chicken Spot. Here's an excerpt:

General Tips

Feed Thine Enemies Biscuits - While most won't notice the difference between the chicken from major chains and the Ghetto Chicken Spot, you definitely will notice the depressingly low grade of biscuits. Ghetto Chicken Spot biscuits are turned down by everyone including starving artists, refugees, and stray dogs. No one knows what they're made of for sure, but remember when you used to take little pieces of white bread and roll it into little balls? Think that, but biscuit size, and with less flavor.

Ghetto Pass [Gawker]


  1. where were you when Iron Mike taught Gawker how to make a "Coolie" and nobody had heard of it?

    the next installment should be Ghetto Drug Abuse: More for Your Money

  2. Ghetto Chicken Spot... hmmm, I've heard of the "G" Spot. Is that like the "G-C" Spot?

    Out, out, damn spot.

  3. mermaidintherudder1/08/2007

    Golden Love Nuggets

    hell ya


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