Friday, January 05, 2007

Uh, Here's One For The Anti-YouTube Camp

Tragic story here as a boy accidentally hangs himself after seeing reports of Saddam Hussein's execution.

I won't dig much into this, cause it's just sad, and I don't like sad. But to argue against my own headline, the story does say he was just watching reports on the news, as opposed to being online watching the detailed video of Saddam's execution. But I'm guessing the public spin and reaction here is going to be along the lines of pro-censorship.

Accidental Tragedy [NY Times]


  1. mermaidintherudder1/07/2007


    maybe if we were less violent in general,
    as a rule.

    crazy, huh?

  2. T.A.N.,

    That is very sad. As adults it is so important that we talk to the children about these types of things and make sure we have made everything as clear a possible. How devastating.

    Ms. Denva


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