Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Reverse Ghetto Pass

TAN gets a shout in this New York Observer profile on the NYC "blog ghetto." One confession: I wasn't up on that section of the LES being called "Hell's Square," so shame on me, bad blogger.

Of course I'm not really a blogger, I'm a blauteur.

Unrelated — aside from that amaranthine underpinning of TAN world domination that shades all of our days — stay tuned for TAN's ongoing coverage of Negro Bowl I, starting tomorrow and leading all the way up to the big game. We kickoff on Deadspin, scheduled sometime ET/CPT.


Blog Ghetto [NY Observer]


  1. T.A.N.,

    I am anxiously awaiting your to the minute accounts of Negro Bowl 1 or As I like to call it the Official Black Bowl of the NFL. This would be the first time we got to have a massa moment on television, at least in my life time. I guess it is more like two overseers really. I am excited.

    With baited hot wing breath,

    Ms. Denva

  2. someone, I think on ESPN Page 2, called it Soul Bowl, that was a good one also.


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