Friday, January 12, 2007

Thus Spach TANathustra

Over on freedarko, TAN, or rather TANathustra, wrestles with ESPN Page 2's LZ Granderson, who recently came to the defense of Coach/GM Isiah. I submit the Myth of Thomasyphus needs no defending, only acceptance.

If you like basketball, or the NY Knicks (some might say the Knicks are not quite basketball) .... check it out.

On a nominally related note, I also like these "Please Comment" avatar/icons.

The Geek, The Bully, & The Idiot [TAN]


  1. One of the best FreeDarko posts of the new year. Thanks, from a Knicks fan whose best tool is pity.

  2. You need a please comment button.

  3. My mother always told me if I have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. So I will not say a word about your boy Isiah and what he has done to my Nuggets. Not One Word.

    Ms. Denva

  4. oh that was hot shit, my ni$$a. About time we got some sports up in here. You keep fooking with those chicas, and forget about us hardcore basketball loving peeples. Hold it down TAN, do it all.


  5. rob - just doing what I can. thanks for the note.

    mist - ask and ye shall receive

    ambandenva - I expect to be writing about your nuggets in the future now that AI is in town. Well not your nuggets, The Nuggets.

    the r - wordemup ...

  6. Anonymous1/12/2007

    Liz from I speak of Dreams. Thanks for the link.

    I might make some more buttons this weekend.

  7. TAN,

    You had it right they are my Nuggets. LOL and I also have My Eagles and My Broncos. Pretty much I should be rich by now from all of the teams that I have. :-) I am upset however that my Nuggets traded Earl Boykins to the Bucks. He was an excellent player and a lot of fun to watch. I really hope that A.I. and Melo can really work it together because we have taken some huge trading risks to have this coupling. I mean Miller was another one of our best players. I am going to try not to be too upset and ride this thing out. This is why I don't believe in salary caps for professional sports. As a teacher, yes, I would love to get paid like they do but I do see that they work for their money and I feel that if we want to have real competition we are going to have to pay for it. I guess I am going to have to make a blog out of this. Anyway, I am still mad at Isiah for calling that foul. I am just saying that... it was all his fault. Oh darn it. Well, chalk that one up to not listening to my mother again.

    Ms. Denva

  8. Far be it for me to let the terrorists win. Here is my comment. :P

  9. Awww damn, can't let the terrorists win. ..

    Hi TAN!!


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