Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kickoff Coverage of Negro Bowl I

TAN's ongoing coverage of Negro Bowl I starts on Deadspin today. The logo, conjured by Jim Cooke, cracks me up, ... here's your excerpt:
Luckily I turned back to the television; Manning was being interviewed, and the storm clouds in my brain thundered out a revelation: "This landmark moment in African-American history was brought to us by quite possibly the whitest QB ever. Now on the Mount Rushmore of Melanin there's Martin, Malcolm, Wesley Autrey, and Peyton Manning." And it wasn't long ago we were all thinking Michael Vick might be our savior.
There will be more editions in the series next week. Stay tuned ...

Negro Bowl I [Deadspin]


  1. T.A.N.,

    Thank you for that insightful first coverage of Negro Bowl 2007. It is interesting to think that it is the White person that is the saviour. Although he does have that nifty credit card commercial where he supports people of all backgrounds. *thinks* Is Peyton Manning the John Brown of the new millenium?

    I can't wait for your next report.

    Ms. Denva

  2. Dude, tons of comments over at Deadspin for this one. Looks like you're on your way.

    On a different note, after two years the HerbNation is shutting down.

  3. denva - thanks for the love.

    the herb - i put a comment on one of my ghetto pass posts that sort of mocked the idea of comment-metrics, but thanks for the sentiment. more importantly, i can't believe HerbNation is closing its doors, what gives?? If its true can you send me that animation you have on your homepage? That is a classic, and maybe I can post it as an homage to Herb.

  4. you better not forget us TAN. Or I should say me. I remember the Choate days...

  5. Anonymous1/28/2007

    If you continue to respond to every comment, you can double your current comment ratio, and just imagine the new heights of blogebrity to which you could descend, I mean ascend! Willing white chicks everywhere, dude. Sky's the limit, bro!


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