Monday, January 08, 2007

2007 Bloggies

So, I've gotten enough emails on this that I should obviously post about it. The 2007 Bloggies have been underway (I'm actually kind of late, there are only two more days for voting!!!) (I might remove those exclamation points in the first parenthetical sometime later, don't be shocked.)

Despite being nominated for some awards in my rookie year, I've become a little desensitized to them because ultimately I know they're built around categories, and TAN is quite simply UNCATEGORIZABLE. They don't have a "hot-like-fire" category. They don't have a "best blog with a blogger who raps, and covers race, humor, news, personal stories, hip hop, and administers Ghetto Passes, all with equal wit, aplomb, and general hotness" category. So I suspect I'm kind of stuck until I kill myself, and get my Lifetime Achievement Bloggie posthumously.

Anybloggie, if you did want to vote for TAN, I guess "Best Kept Secret" would be the way to go.

Here are some other blogs that may get a spot on my form:

Mist1 - What can I say? If you wanna get my attention, write a post hypothesizing on our marriage with 91 comments attached to it (long-winded freestyle-comment response, and subsequent blog-gossiping not always included). Aside from that though, Mist1 is amusing, consistent, and has a devoted audience, all very impressive for a fish in a bowl.

FreeDarko - Shoals, Recluse, and the rest of the boys at FD and I are actually working out terms for TAN to join the mission. Needless to say the results will be epic. But don't wait for my arrival, they're already plenty good now.

Funky Brown Chick - Brown chicks in the city are always interesting, no? She also has started a podcast called "Dating Roadkill" that I hear is all the rage. Don't get run over.

Dallaspenn - Their ethering of Tom Breihan caused quite a stir in the hip hop online world, but they have range and hot fire for days also.

- Joey is getting around, and when he digs into a subject you usually just nod your head and say "word, pretty much nailed that." Unless, you're more inclined to say something like "hmmm" or "hmmph" or "youdon'tsay." But whatever your lexicon, he's got good content for you. Peep Songs of the Year. And then check out his other end of year recaps.

This is hot, it kind of turned into a "I'm black and I'm proud" link-love session. There are a lot of other blogs worthy of me mentioning, blah blah blah, sorry if I didn't mention you, blah blah blah, seriously, blah blah, my brains fried right now so I just can't remember everyone[/blah], when I actually fill out my form I might come and add to this list. But I might not. Please don't cry.


Notes from Underground - I've been checking for Taj ever since she made herself known, she's funnier than me, and her whole styze is basically butter, ... go put some on your popcorn (that was "corny", she wouldn't say no ish like that).


2007 Bloggies
[Seventh Annual Weblog Awards]


  1. My dad wants to know when you're going to send the two goats that you promised him in exchange for my hand in marriage.

  2. always so modest TAN, I will obviously be voting for you. good luck!

  3. Anonymous1/08/2007

    if they don't know, you're easily the best-kept secret, but its not like I don't see you in plenty of blogrolls.


    Mmmmmm, TAN is so goooood to the FBC, isn't he??? Now, come over here and give mama a big drippy kiss. ;)

    Seriously, thanks for the shout out. Means a lot coming from you. I love your blog! And, what's this crap about you being the best-kept secret??? Everyone links to you *and* you write for Gawker. Hate to break it to you but the secret's out, sweetie. :)

  5. mist - I never said nothin' about giving up the goats. They have to feed me and provide my drink this winter.

    choatey - thanks

    anon - blogrolls keep secrets also ...

    FBC - Yes, but no one notices that I write for Gawker. Even if they do, I'm definitely holding my position. TAN is a secret, quiet as kept...

  6. Your goats pay your bar tab? Now I want them.

  7. good lookin' on that nomination TAN. I will try not to spit fire on your name this year.

  8. Am indebted for such a cool shout. Thanks, man.

  9. DAMN. I don't deserve you, TAN! Much weblove, boo!

  10. TAN,
    I can't lie, I WILL shit on you in the first quarter this year.



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