Sunday, January 21, 2007

What Kind Of Worker Are You?

Just saw this amusing FedEx Kinko's commercial:

I think I'm a mix of the middle two, the "talk a big game" and "waffler." I guess I talk a big waffle.

For the record there's:

Jeff – old information
Dean – not living up to resume
Sue – waffler
Jerome – talk big game, do nothing
Rick – fold under pressure
Ted – everyone’s out to get you


  1. If a job's worth doing..

    -For MY sake/sanity etc, it's not a big altruistic thing or anything. Heaven forbid!

    & NO, I'm not a 'Jobsworth'.

  2. Dude, that guy could fire all those losers and just hire me. I can carry out all of those tasks. In fact, I do pretty often. I guess I'm just a really good multi-tasker.

  3. They forgot the clock-watcher. That's me. That's a hilarious commercial.

  4. I love your blog, and that commercial was funny and pretty accurate about office life.

    - Janie

  5. I'm definately a Jerome.

    With a dash of Ted.

  6. I probably don't live up to my resume. Especially as a Choatey. What are we going to do with all the Choate expectations TAN?

  7. I'm Ted, in spades. oops. I mean, Ted to the power of paranoid.

  8. my name is Sue, but I'm more like Rick. Maybe I should get a sex change.

  9. So funny, and so true...
    Just call me paranoid Ted.

  10. Anonymous1/24/2007

    well some of us take pride in a job well done. Hmmph!

  11. All the ladies love a big waffle. I think I'm Dean, but I'm hoping to move up to a Jerome at some point, so that would be "not living up to my talk". Oh, hey! I'm there already!


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