Monday, January 08, 2007

His & Her Boxes

Everyone saw the now infamous D*ck In a Box for Xmas.

This was a solid, though not quite as catchy, response for the female contingent:

a little past due but worthy of archiving


  1. TAN,

    Again you come with the seen and never before seen. I agree that the second is not as catchy so here are a few ideas.

    Snatch in a box

    Again not as catchy but closer and my favorite and one that I believe most men will appreciate:

    My Tits in a box

    I believe that that one is way more catchy and men would really enjoy a nice pair of knockers on any given holiday even ground hogs day.

    What do you think?

    Ms. Denva

  2. Denva - I think you nailed it with the breasts angle. The box in a box just doesn't translate as well because its obviously that couldn't really work and the box ends up being just a cumbersome prosthetic punchline. But the tits ... you get the same rhyme scheme as the previous song, plus it makes sense, they are in fact boxable. And it'd be funnier for her to wear two boxes on her chest, instead of the crotch-box they already used.

    Time to raise your rates Ms. Denva.

  3. Now I feel insecure. It seems that my box may be improperly located on my body. I can't get my box into a box. Is something wrong with my box?

  4. Here you all are quibbling over logistics instead of just appreciating that she put her box in a box for You. It is CLEARLY a post-Xmas logistical/anatomical miracle.

    You were probably the kinds of six year olds who pointed out that Santa couldn't POSSIBLY be everywhere on Xmas eve.

  5. Anonymous1/08/2007

    I think "tits-in-a-box" works also because this girl has nice tits. Her box, not so much.

  6. TAN,

    Okay you got one freebie with the rest of the world so at you own suggestion I am going to have to begin charging for my intellectual services. LOL

    Ms. Denva

  7. Keith Olbermann did a segment on this for Countdown, and while I was highly amused, it also marked the first time I had to make my 12 year old kid leave the room for any part of a news broadcast, ever.

    War and genocide and abortion and election fraud (etc.), it seems, I am comfortable with explaining to her. However, the refrain of "I put my box in a box for you" left me at a loss.


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