Sunday, January 28, 2007

TAN Is Now 'Light Beige-y Brown" Dot Com

In doing some research on interracial dating recently, I stumbled on a site that had a seemingly nonsensical list of pseudo interracial dating blurbs that led to more involved articles on the subject. For example I saw this amusing blurb below:

You'll notice the read more arrow, and of course after that "light beige-y" lead-in I couldn't help but click through. This is what I got:

Huh? First of all, maybe there are no comments for this "article" because it's not an "article." Second of all, WTF are they talking about? Third, and most importantly, what is up with the white guy in the third pic? Because this is an interracial dating site, and these pics seem to be profile shots, I can't help but think this guy is screwing his face up so he can attract a black woman who likes thuggish-ruggish negroes. Woodchp, 37, WHO LIVES IN ALASKA (though if it didn't say Anchorage I would have thought that's the kind of gun he's holding) is very much a soldier apparently. Either that or he's incredibly cold and distraught that he's still living in his mother's igloo at 37 years young.

Anyways, if you happen to know "sunnybunny" tell her to holla at ya boy.

Alternative titles for this post:
No Coffee For Me Thanks, I'll Just Take The Cream
I Personally Prefer My Coffee Black (And Proud)
Attention Thick & Swirling Cream Admirers: Get A Life
Does Thick & Swirling Cream = White Girl With An Ass Who Can Dance?
The Perfect TAN: Light Beige-y Brown & Smells Like Coffee

Run Your Fingers Through My Wooliness [TAN]


  1. thats hilarious AND a damn shame. those interracial dating sites can be fun to look at.

    fyi - the blog is finally up..yeah so it took me like 6 months, whatever.

  2. Anonymous1/28/2007

    You'll be happy to know that both sunnybunny as well as woodchp are also featured on the following site: Go get'em! Carpe diem and all that....

  3. Our group's been looking to call someone "Mocha Cup" (a Scrubs reference, since we already have a token "Brown Bear") -- maybe you are that man!

    (Ahem, RSVP for my bday party, fool!)

  4. Tracer Bullet1/28/2007

    Drunkbrunch, you can call me Mocha Cups. You can call anything you want. Yowza.

  5. That's hilarious. White guy's expression looks like he's just smelt something bad. Sunnybunny seems to have a look of extreme discomfort preceding flatulence. Oh, that's explains it!

  6. I've never checked out any of the interracial dating sites. But, it's interesting to know that the color of the walls in one's apartment is a supposed indicator of one's preference for men or women. Oh, the things you learn on the internet! :)

  7. Please refer to me as Cafe con Leche.

  8. Light-skinned black people are soooo 1980s.

  9. Anonymous1/29/2007

    Attention Thick & Swirling Cream Admirers: Get A Life


  10. Anonymous1/29/2007

    Dark-skinned black people are soooo 1880s.

    Also: Since when is it unusual for white guys to rock a screwface? I thought the thrown generic sign and tough grill were a given regardless of hue.

  11. That comeback would have been hilarious if not for the anonymity.

  12. What are the racial implications of coffee topped with whipped cream? And what if I don't like coffee? Where does hot chocolate with marshmallows fit into this scheme?

  13. Ya know,

    Being that I am of the Light-beigy pursuasion, though I am not mixed in my immediate fam I find this to be ridiculous at best. Seriously I need people to get over and vanilla not so nice needs to stop tryin to be a thug in Alaska.

    drinkin my coffee black as the ace of spades,

    Ms. Denva

  14. He just looks like that because he's so damn frustrated trying to find some coffee for his cream up in Alaska. They look like that in Newfoundland, too, but as an added bonus you can't understand what they're saying.

    No Lisa Bonet reference?

  15. Anonymous2/08/2007

    I think the white guy is saying

    "If you SMELL, what the Rock is cooking" remember he's in Anchorage so they are about 5 years behind.

    Having said that I have tried a few interracial dating sites and they are great fun with a good mix of people though I've seen the chat rooms become Jerry Springer time! Reminds me of the alt.flame newsgroup from years ago LOL.


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