Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ghetto Pass: Recreational Activities

This week's GP - Recreational Activities. Your excerpt:
Public Resources -

The Pool - Public pools in the ghetto are filled with more drama and craziness than your average reality show. The experience is rife with obstacles and pitfalls such as flimsy lockers with "Please Steal The Contents of this Locker" signs on them, and the ever-present fluid from Cooties Creek streamed all over the shower and lockerroom floor. On a hot day the reward is great, a 2x2 square foot of space in a big warm pool of chlorinated water and urine. Watch out for the floating condoms and cigarettes. Supplies: Antimicrobial swimsuit with UrineGuard+, Ass-Defenders (to protect against towel snappers), Total Enclosure Stainless Steel Athletic Feet Protectors, clenched fists (for inflicting damage on those who intrude on your personal space.
I should add if you have any suggestions or ideas for things that should be covered in Ghetto Pass, feel free to email me or leave them in the comment box.

Ghetto Pass [Gawker]


  1. check out the NY Press today - some bird named Gerri gaffled your bodega GP article (even the sorta-obvs fifty cent piece lyrics). although she does go through the trouble of talking to an actual drug-dealer-enabling bodega guy.

  2. T.A.N you ever ridden the Greyhound buslines? man its like those things were made to to be ghetto gradually deteriorating through the years. I got on a bus from Minnesota to Oklahoma once and... good lord that was something to see. A brother walked up to me and said "brother you got som' dat mu'fukin wee'.

    Dang..theres fights, babies crying, cross country thugs, homeless, gangsters going downsouth to get 'SOME WORK', its like a rolling B.E.T.

    I think Greyhound deserves a GP then they'd change their logo to a PITTBULL.

  3. sheistolerable1/11/2007

    Ghetto publications unknown to Borders . . . like "Weave" magazine.

  4. excellent! except, what's a "hollowed-out can" ?

  5. I think I'm still in the crazy people age. At least, I act like it.

    As for public facilities, didn't you learn anything from college? Wear flip-flops. All the time.

  6. Cladius: nail on head. Only out in the West, they're like an entire trailer park crammed into one trailer.

  7. terrib - I peeped it. its good for the corner bodega (and the like) to get some more pub. If I helped get it in the air, that's great.

    claudius, sheis - duly noted ... thanks.

    amit - it's like a can, but hollowed out on the inside. More appropriately maybe, an empty can with no top or bottom.

    mist - I don't know if flip-flops are enough for NYC public pools.

    ill - it's ok to agree, but no nails on heads please ...

  8. Anonymous1/13/2007

    you've got to do the ghetto weave spot or the dominican beauty shop...

  9. Have you seen this paean to the bodega?

  10. the ridge street public pool is my fav


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