Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wanted: The Assimilated Uber Nu-Neo Negro

For the record that's TAUNNN, also available in Avant-Hardecore, Post-Postmodern and TurboXL 3000 editions.

I sent this guy a note via myspace, told him we might need to have an assimilated duel, right on the old 96th street Mason-Dixon line, winner keeps the schtick.

Seriously though, well-written piece by Jordan Carlos. Read it and experience state-of-the-art negro technology.

On a related note, I found this hilarious. It's even more timely because only a couple days prior I sent Gabe, who writes The Unethicist for Gawker, some "fake intra-office memos" as a potential funny bit we could do together, and in one of them I told him I was thinking about starting a new column called "The Negrethicist" ... a joke that has now come to life on Radar.

Seems sipping from the race section of the communal idea-pool is getting more and more popular with online content providers, I may need to update my trends started list, and also, presumably, start breaking ground on some new watering holes. TAN doesn't work anymore, I must become .... TAUNNN.

TAUNNN the Invincible!! Nothing will penetrate my adamantium melanin armor ...


My Schtick? Being Black
[Washington Post]
The Ethnicist [Radar]


  1. The Daily Show has been getting better as far as ethnic diversity goes. I don't know about the writers, but there are two correspondents of color now (Larry Wilmore and Aasif Mandvi). Although you wouldn't know it from this pic.

    I find the Colbert story more disturbing - the whole point of the "My Black Friend Alan" bit is to satirize right-wing personalities who keep a token black person around to protect themselves from accusations of racism (I don't know who actually does this, because I don't watch right-wing talk shows). So it's kind of sad that Jordan Carlos wasn't really in on the joke.

  2. TAUNNN sounds like TAN with a yawn. Don't like it.

  3. eauhellzgnaw1/17/2007

    Apparently, Jordan Carlos is so assimilated, he's forgotten that Wu Tang exists and has never been to parks in big city black neighborhoods. Old black men (and young politically minded types) love them some chess.

  4. Tracer Bullet1/18/2007

    I'm amazed they couldn't find a single black performer as lifeless and dull as Dmitri Martin.

    Besides, it's not as if the Daily Show is any more lily white than a real newsroom. Ed Bradley's death took, what?, 40 percent of the black people in TV news off the air.

  5. Maybe you use the same pool of water, but you add kool-aid and alcohol so everyone can get girl-drink drunk. That's why we love you TAN. At least until next morning's hanghover.

  6. yoda - hmmm, he might have been in on it, still want to get the check though.

    ill-suit - i think i agree with you.

    eauhellz - nice point there on the wu and chess.

    tracer - true, racism in art imitates racism in life.

    s - wise words s, wise words.


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