Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ghetto Pass: The Last Ghetto

This week's Ghetto Pass went a little off the beaten path and into more existential realms as I examine The Last Ghetto. After looking at this stuff I didn't feel comfortable sticking with the traditional subject material this week. We'll probably get back to basics next Thursday. Here's your excerpt:
When the darkness descends, and the final Co-Bo has closed, even the ghetto is compelled to ponder the nature of its existence. Is it nothing but a well-worn cliché, a dead horse waiting to be chopped up and smothered in General Tso's sauce? Are the self-perpetuating stereotypes a product of exploitative ignorance, or simply the reflection of the beast's unwavering eyes staring back from the abyss? (Huh? What??) Do the tears we shed laughing at the latest Hallmark Holla™ mask an anguish so deep we dare not share it outside the context of a set-up and punchline? The Last Ghetto is where all the question marks come to roost. It is where the chaos in the ghetto's soul is silenced so that it can give birth to a calm, lobotomizingly-soothing black hole of a column.
The Last Man [wiki]
Ghetto Pass [Gawker]


  1. Anonymous1/18/2007

    that was brill TAN, seriously.

  2. Anonymous1/19/2007

    No it wasn't. TAN, stop writing positive anonymous comments to yourself.

  3. i'm only allowed negative anonymity?

  4. Anonymous1/19/2007

    anonymous run this bitch

  5. Anonymous1/19/2007

    Now we have you surrounded. Drop the blog.

  6. Anonymous1/19/2007

    Hear hear!

  7. you guys are weird.

    like me!


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