Thursday, January 12, 2006

Gawker Special Report: Why A Minority Might Kill Himself For A Byline

I did a special report for Gawker yesterday.

It's a commentary on Lizzy Ratner's expose of the lilly-white magazine industry featured in the New York Observer.

I added this in the comments:
"The [best] part (and one I regret not commenting on) is the piece has no rhetoric on the future, or possible solutions, or anything connoting a perspective of change.

that's hot like fire.

hmmm, maybe I should make this my new cover letter for pitches ... "

With a little tweaking, the cover letter is very possible.

In somewhat related news, the killing yourself for posthumous gain/attention is a recurring theme for me. You might say I'm on permanent suicide watch (but not really).

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  1. How can I vote for more TAN?

  2. TAN hit it out of the park. Blog love, R

  3. Anonymous1/12/2006

    Hey TAN - congrats on the Gawker exposure! Great analysis of the editor's excuses for not hiring POCs. I hope we'll see more stuff from you on Gawker soon!

  4. Luvs your Gawker piece. Now, can you get me an invite to be a Gawker commentator so I can fawn all over your writing there? Yes, I am shameless.

  5. Anonymous1/12/2006

    That was a perfectly done response! Not angry, not victim-y. Just dead-on perfect. Thanks.

  6. Anonymous1/12/2006

    As I read your article in Gawker and followed the (not high) bouncing statistical ball through the various companies (as well as the breathtaking excuses given for the unimpressiveness of said bounce), a mental picture of the public relations consultant from "Bamboozled" kept elbowing her way into my mind.

    At least it's nice to know SOMEONE has a job in that industry.

    Don't jump, though. Your own bounce will be higher if you just keep hitting your satirical marks like the pro that you are.

    (Jumper pounds his bully pulpit and shouts for an "Amen!" from the congregation.)

  7. Anonymous1/12/2006

    And as to the "Waddup up to all the homeys and beeotches out there. Are any of y’all trying to lose some weight up in this motherfucker?" approach, let's not sell it short prematurely.

    I know I'd buy a copy if I saw that in the checkout line.

    And I'm not overweight.

  8. I loved the Gawker piece. It's great to see a fellow P. School graduate getting some coverage for great writing. I plan on checking out your work regularly.

  9. Anonymous1/14/2006

    I commented on this at my blog:

  10. Anonymous1/16/2006

    To anned: why don't you travel to NYC and get one in person, hmm? There's nothing in the big apple to panic about, hehe.

  11. Baby - awesome. Nichelle is always saying how Gawker hates black people - but you opened the door so you can hit the glass ceiling. (Hey - it's a start.)

    Now - about me losing those pregnancy pounds.......


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