Monday, January 23, 2006

TieDie Blogs And What The World Will Be Like In 2015

I feel the current blogging explosion is kind of like a lifecycle (the song "Lifecycle" is in the BR jukebox) back to the 60s era. That sort of cultural revolution. A backlash against systemic thinking, corporation, and rules.

Hippies and blogs go perfect together. Like suits and money.

“Hey duuuuude … man, just start your own blog and like grow your own shit."

This is what the artist economy is moving towards. More and more individual entrepreneurs. More and more home/offices. Why not? Some people go to work and schlop around. Some people go to work and shoulder the load like Atlas. Who would not want to take control and be held accountable for their own destiny? Their own commercial value. Reap what you sow, no? Don’t we all just want to end up as consultants in our area of interest/expertise?

We’re cycling back to a farming lifestyle. Apply your wares on your farm, and you’ll be able to sell some goods to a community of people that knows, and trusts, and maybe even loves you. And you get up early, do things the “right” way, work long hours, toiling, but feeling good because at the end of the day you’ve fed some family, and maybe some others by virtue of your effort. And it’s good honest work. Perhaps good honest work is making a comeback.

Everyone will eventually have their own blog/farm, and they will market whatever it is they feel they can provide. Art, clothes, ideas, service ...

Eventually though, after the farming/hippie era, there will be another backlash. Where ambition will once again rear its head. We will want to do more than simply feeding ourselves and self-sustaining a lifestyle. We are capable of more, so why don’t we do more. Let's integrate, incorporate, and synergize our efforts ...

Then we will have blogging factories (the factories of today are beta). But they won’t be as bad as they sound, because they’ll be cool. They will have taken the pulse of the hippie era, and realized what worked and what didn't. People will create a new department here, a new department there, just to correct some of the inefficiencies ...

We should be able to see clear evidence of these new blog factories by 2015.



  1. Anonymous1/23/2006

    does this mean bloggers are going o be smoking a lot of pot (if they're not already)

  2. I just want a job where I can stay in my jammies all day, is that too much to ask?
    Professional blogger, maybe?....

  3. Sounds nice. But some may also really want a 9 to 5 job, not get it, and end up being content with a home office (=farm, great analogy!) and a blog. That is to say, one may become a hippie by default, not by choice...

  4. I just don't want to be told what to do. I don't want to have a bed time or a wake time. I like high standards, but only when they are self-imposed.

  5. corportations.... I already see it happening.. I came across a blog the other day...the blog presented itself as that of an artist....but it was really a big advertisement for some wine he/she was marketing...every other post referred to this wine....come on..we ain't stupid...

  6. I definitely think this is a feasible idea. I just hope nobody's relying on ME to usher in this new era of entrepreneurialism...

  7. hey rune: was this blog per chance called 'gaping void'???

    hey TAN, i love the visual you've painted for us. very interesting.

  8. Anonymous1/24/2006

    works for me. as long as the bird flu pandemic doesn't take over and destroy the whole farm idea.


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