Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Yo, You Smell Like Shit. Really??? Why Thank You.

Remember that horrible letdown of a movie, "Envy?" The plot was centered around a guy who invents a spray that makes shit disappear on contact.

Well scientists aren't exactly up to that level, but they're apparently getting close:
A chemist and a nose specialist have just invented a new compound that turns manure's stench into a "pleasant smelling" odor.
Do read the whole article, but my favorite quote is this one:

Manure smells so revolting because there are at least four groups of components that release smelly fumes: volatile fatty acids, ammonia-related ingredients, phenolic compounds and sulfur-containing malodorants.

Researchers are not yet certain why humans find these smells so disgusting.

I guess shit is the epitome of empirical knowledge and circular reasoning. It stinks because it stinks ... I can't think of another reason why I'd find it revolting.

TAN blog's the shit, other blogs are shitty


  1. I liked Envy and sh*t should smell like sh*t.

  2. Anonymous1/11/2006

    Bah! Shit should smell as little like shit as POSSIBLE, jb!! And while it's nice to know scientists are trying to reduce feed lot air contamination, it's little consolation for those individuals who may have to do their business in close quarters. I hear theres a product called Just a Drop that u drop in the toilet to reduce odors, but I don't know how well it works. But if it eliminates the need for the tell-tale courtesy flush, GREAT.

  3. the more your shit stinks, the better your writing.

    put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.

  4. hey did you hear?
    gawker has some guy named TAN writing a guest post!!
    dude stole your acronym!!

  5. Anonymous1/11/2006

    You have a fan.


  6. Bono will be in town on Friday and wants to see you.

  7. Anonymous1/12/2006

    Speaking of shit, I wonder if they can come up with some spray that actually makes Bush dissappear. I'm very tired of that shit of a President that we have.

  8. This is actually a comment to your wonderful blog on gawker yesterday as to why mag publishing is lily white. this is the assimilated negress by the way. i just wanted to add my own two cents especially regarding gawker. kudos that they had the sense to include themselves in there because i've probably contacted jessica coen and jesse oxfeld about a dozen times since college attempting to intern/work there. during such attempts, i've worked at the Nation magazine, The New York Times Magazine, and currently a very well known Conde Nast magazine. Ive contacted Gawker while working at each place about writing for/working for them (i even lamely begged to be allowed to comment!) to no avail.

    Then i see their addition of you awhile back and i was so happy. Then yesterdays entry occurred and now i think Gawker fits into one excuse I think you left out - The "We Already Have One of You, Damn, That's Enough" excuse.

    Sorry for the rant, it's just that i really appreciated that article and your apt hilarious (but sad) response but Gawker's patting itself on the back for featuring it and asking it's one black friend to comment on is pathetic.

  9. mal - let's kill him

    anon - I did

    Claire - would love to meet Bono...

    AAM - good call there ...

    lc - thanks, i put up a post after your comment realizing there might be commentary. Your thoughts relate to mine on seeing no words in the piece about change. It's sort of like "Shit sucks for minorities. And ...cut"

  10. center on

    revolve around

    come on, I thought you had more learning than that...

  11. Ooh, Niki's got you dead to rights on that, TAN.

  12. niki, orange - I don't understand ...???

  13. you said the "plot was centered around"

    not that my blog is free of errors, but that is not proper English. You can say that the plot "centered on" something OR the plot can "revolve around" something BUT you can't say it "centered around"

    you know, since you are all about the learning - glad this teacher could teach you something...

    i'm just sayin'

  14. niki, you are right. And I remember actually thinking about that when I wrote and mentally noting that I should edit that phrasing, but then I forgot it.

    I think I might just leave it like that so that my human frailty is on full display. It's not TAN, it's just a man with a blog....

    also leaving it cause I'm lazy.

    maybe Orange can follow up with a line edit in the comment box.


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