Sunday, January 29, 2006

Professional Shite Mailer

Someone commented that maybe I live under a rock since I wasn't up on some of the vagaries of the online porn world today.

I didn't think that was the case, but if a lot of people know about and use this Fecalgram service then maybe I am, cause I damn sure didn't know about this either.

Send turds to your friends or enemies for $25.

What a world.

My shit don't stink [TAN]
My perspective evolves learning there's professionally delivered shit [TAN]


  1. Anonymous1/29/2006

    Seems like it wouldn't give the same satisfaction as personally delivering a flaming paper bag .

  2. I had to forward this on to a friend of mine. She actually PULLED a stunt like this on an evil neighbor. A lot of effort considering she could have just paid somebody else to do it.

  3. Ah, those turds are fake. Says so right on the FAQ page. They're hand-molded, not sphincter-molded.

  4. It's the same as sending flowers, you just use the shit to grow your own prettier, more-meaningful flowers. Shit gets an unfair bad rap in our society.

  5. Anonymous1/30/2006

    Hahahha, I just came across your site (well, not literally) and wanted to let you know that I am now linking to you - man you write some funny shit (pardon the pun)!

    Keep up the great work (and yes, I AM female).

  6. It's official: All the good ideas are taken...

  7. Well I'm pretty skint about now, so perhaps I should be selling your address to the highest bidder so your loving readers can express their appreciation to you by sending a fecalgram.


  8. Well I guess that rock is big enough for two because this is the first time I've heard of a fecalgram. And hopefully the last. Ick!

  9. Anonymous1/30/2006

    I checked out the site but stopped short of the flash tour. I'm still recovering from the elephant picture you posted a few days back

  10. Anonymous1/30/2006

    That last post was not supposed to be anonymous. (I'm not ashamed of my weak stomach.)

    -- Jumper


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