Friday, January 27, 2006

If I Wanted To Have Sex Don't You Think I'd Stay Awake??

So behind the scenes right now, I'm trying to do a serious bit on the state of the porn industry. I suspect women don't really know what's going on there. Because if women did really know I think more of them would be fleeing the country and looking to start their own island somewhere, far away from the ridiculously depraved minds of men and sub-men.

This picture is from a site called, sleep and f*ck. Sleep and what? Yeah, you heard me, sleep and f*ck. You ladies were probably thinking, "[man], it's tough out there. guys are demanding. They'll film sex with anything, in any room, using any object, to fill any hole. But at least, when it's all over, I can still close my eyes and get a couple zzz's before waking up for more abuse and oppression.

Of course, little do you know, the twelve year old "playa" featured in the picture is leering over you waiting for indications that you've entered the deep REM stage of sleep. See in REM sleep you might not even notice the ninety seconds where's he's slipping you the ol' in-and-out burger. Junior size, value meal edition.

I found this image in a google search. And thought it was funny. But then checking out the site just now I read this copy:
A great collection of dirty images and videos! Young beauties are put to sleep by all means! They’ve become too hot and sexy not to get fucked the dirty way! Time for them to taste some dirt! They won’t like it, that’s why they don’t have to remember it either! Just go to sleep and we’ll have some fun with you!
Yikes!! Now if that's not encouraging a "borderline rape situation" I don't know what is.

Funny thing is I anticipate girls seeing this, and saying, "yeah, that's messed up, thanks for exposing this TAN." And guys will say, "hmmm something a little different, I'll check that out ... thanks for showing us this TAN."

Carry that thing between your legs around at your own risk ladies.

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  1. Anonymous1/27/2006

    un-FUCKING-believable. Really.

  2. Anonymous1/27/2006

    So now the only thing to do, ladies, is check this website for sexual predators in your hood: It shows their photo, so if you see them out and about, you'll know exactly who to throw ur drink on.

  3. Anonymous1/27/2006

    Was this post actually an article rejected by Marie Claire or something? ("THE DANGER THAT LURKS IN YOUR BOYFRIEND'S BROWSER HISTORY!") Or do you just live under a rock? "Sleepysex" porn ain't hardly no new phenomenon.

    Regardless, please don't hector your more intelligent readers like you're trying to educate the womenfolk about the evils of something that you clearly don't even understand. It's offensive.

    Porn encourages rape? Better stick to your tepid comedy shtik.

  4. dana - hi. thank you for reading my tepid comedy shtik. And yes, I do live under a rock. Obviously we can't all be avant garde early adopters ... so please bear with me. All my readers are more intelligent than me and sometimes they have to wait for me to catch up with them. And for that I'm truly appreciative. I also wouldn't dream of insinuating I understand womenfolk ...but thank god its friday eh?

  5. Anonymous1/27/2006

    Dana is stupid. Porn obviously encourages rape. Porn teaches us to objectify women, reducing them to chattel, therefore making it easier to rationalize rape.

  6. Its too early in the day for me to come up with an intelligent well informed opinion, suffice to say that anyone who abuses the English language as violently as Dana does above with that horrific double negative/split infinitive combo cannot be trusted.

  7. Calm down, there's a disclaimer. The site is comical, I just checked it out.

    "All models are over 18 year old.
    The images and content on this website site involve fantasy role-playing by consenting adults. All models have previously agreed to allow someone to touch, fondle and have sex with them. No one was forced or coerced in any way to participate in the images or content."

    The non rape disclaimer- furthermore on this whole issue, there is absolutely nothing wrong with telling a guy straight off that you aren't going to have sexual relations with him. What's he going to do- never call you again? I think women forget that you don't have to sleep with a guy to get him to like you.

  8. Anonymous1/27/2006

    Oh jeez. I take back my earlier statement. You have no "more intelligent readers." Please, continue! With gusto.

    Claire, re-read the rest of my post and tell me you honestly believe that I don't understand how to write serviceable English. Sorry if that eluded you the first time.

  9. Anonymous1/27/2006

    Dana is stupid. Someone take her computer away from her.

  10. dana - I think it's interesting that you equate familiarity with pornography with intelligence. That would be something to tie into the actual piece on the subject. Some smart people like cartoons and cotton candy and use the parent restriction on the computer or television.

    But I think the post I linked has some convo going on the vagaries of "sleepysex,"

    I wasn't up on this situation, I guess you were. Cool. I don't get the hostility on a friday though. as someone I know likes to say, "don't hate me cause you ain't me" ...


  11. Anonymous1/27/2006

    yeah who the hell gets snobby about being familiar with sleepysex and raping people? People in prison that's who. Tan, besides intelligent readers you must be popular amongst inmates, like Dana.

  12. Anonymous1/27/2006

    mmmm sleepysex...

  13. Anonymous1/27/2006, definitely looking for my own island;)
    seriously, i think you make a great point that most women don't really have a clue as to the state of porn or men's habits/desires.

  14. Anonymous1/27/2006

    I hate porn.

  15. Before this post, I knew NOTHING of sleepsex. And you know what, I kinda wish that was still the case. But in this world, it's not safe to be ignorant so I thank you for providing this type of public service announcement. I mean, even if that particular site was comical, it doesn't mean someone else's ISN'T, right?

  16. Stirring the pot with your TAN-schtick, I see! I think this is very disturbing, and the thoughts I have on the subject are too lengthy for a comment box. So I'll just thank you for bringing it to my attention. I guess I live under a rock, too. We should get together for fondue sometime!

  17. Anonymous1/29/2006

    And now for something completely different.

    While I consider "Olive Might The Ocean Be" a comedy about relationships, others may think of it as soft porn.

    Judge for yourself; it's on my homepage.

    Doin' a little research, eh, TAN? I've heard that when porn is outlawed in prisons, violence goes up; add porn to jails and violence goes down. Also, rape is almost non-existent in Scandinavian countries where porn laws are very liberal. This is old news though; has it been updated?

    For anecdotal evidence, where I work, the guy I replaced had gotten busted for doing his 14 yr old daughter; my coworkers have since told me he was a Bible-beater who blew up at someone for telling sexual jokes.

    I'm not saying that all people who are uptight about sexy humor are child molesters, but... I have my one piece of anecdotal evidence leading down that path.

  18. Anonymous1/29/2006

    your theory is nonsense, SOA. Your co-worker probably has a ton of porn hidden away somewhere. These priests molesting boys are often caught with porn. They start becoming deviants checking out a little porn here and there and then before you know it they are doing something really big like molesting real people. Porn is like the gateway drug. Maybe its not, but its the same as watching MTV-- do you really know what its doing to your psyche? I mean I think it should be allowed, but I don't think healthly people use porn a lot.
    In terms of scandanavia and the prisons haven't heard those statistics. But in scandanavia people have guns and guns are not a problem. So maybe scandanavians have some other factor working with them like acceptance and freedom for all sorts of things that we think are deviant in America. We could try giving guns to prisoners and see if violence goes down.

  19. Anonymous1/30/2006

    Are some guys into exploitative porn? Yes.
    Are all guys into it? Jesus, mary, and joseph, no.

    This is the kind of stuff that makes me feel oppressive for having a sex drive, makes me feel guilty for being male. Makes me end up masturbating to mpegs of girls railing the hell out of guys with strap-ons.

  20. Again with the damn rock! How long have I been under this damn rock? Seriously, because this is the first time I've heard of "Sleepy Porn" and I watch a whole lot of porn.

  21. Anonymous1/31/2006

    Whats wrong with these people. I guess depravity now has a price and its sold over the web. Anyone who views this sort of trash should have his head examined. It is deviant behavior that unfortunately is exploiting young people while we view it on the web. Oh, the downward spiral decent into hell is upon

  22. i'm a little late on all of this but no matter.
    the fact that there's a quaint little disclaimer on the site means absolutely nothing. i'm an avid supporter of free speech and wouldn't have it any other way. but i can also smell bullshit from a mile away and that disclaimer is stinkin to high heavin'.
    i'm a rape crisis counselor with mt.sinai and while of course there's always a debate concerning porn and rape, the reality is for the hundreds of men and women who are able to enjoy its intentional titillating effects, there are the few that take into into their realities and use it to fuel whatever deviant mentality and behavior already latent in them. for folks such as teenagers who are still developing, this shit is terrible because it can and will add to their sexual development and will help that college guy debating using a rufie to make a terrible decision. i can respect the porn industry but i also know that some aspects or branches of it are fully aware of what it is creating and simultaneously catering to. sites such as the one TAN reveals is a dangerous and even predatory one.

    o and i live under a rock, too, dana, but i guess so do all my victims too.

  23. Anonymous2/05/2006

    I just had to respond to "anonymous" with his/her ludicrous "gateway drug" analogy. Click on "not a gateway" for more.

  24. Anonymous2/07/2006

    Sort of Anonymous, Norway gained some notoriety recently for convicting a woman of raping a man. He "fell asleep" at a party. Likely he passed out drunk. When he awoke to find a woman performing fellatio on him, he had her arrested. I don't know if there's any connection to Scandanavia's love of pornography, but it's nice to see equality in the Norwegian justice system.


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