Tuesday, January 17, 2006

You're Not The Assimilated Negro. Holla!!!

Hugh's "TOP TEN REASONS WHY NOBODY READS YOUR BLOG" is interesting independent of the fact that "You're Not The Assimilated Negro" is reason #6.


His thoughts about a blog's biggest impact on a business perhaps being internal, not external are insightful as well. But it's not just companies, anyone can benefit from "the conversation" that allows a company or individual's ideas to be aired out, challenged, and/or supported. The conversation keeps you sharp.

And speaking of "holla," I was recently asked what "holla" meant exactly. So I'm excerpting the following from my e-mail response and will eventually add it along with a couple other recent queries to TAN's NeverEnding Interview.

so I think officially, with regards to holla, I'd say something like this:


1) as in "to holler," I'll call you (I'll holla), please respond (holla at me), get back to me (holla back).

2) A multifunctional exclamation of positive affirmation. "Jessica Biel reads TAN and loves it. HOLLA!!"


  1. HOLLA!


    (of the positive affirmation variety)

  2. Sonia, I love you.


  3. Sonia, I think I see a theme in your blog.
    Not quite sure...

    But I didn't know Jessica Biel reads TAN.

    She can holla! (Especially in that pic)

  4. Just stumbled onto your blog from the "Top 10 Reasons" list. Adding it to my feed as we speak...

    Er, well as we type...

    Actually, as *I* type...

    Okay, I'm shutting the hell up now.


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