Friday, March 23, 2007

Contemporary TAN Music: Amy Winehouse

Been introduced to Amy Winehouse through okayplayer. I'd say she's like a harder, edgier Norah Jones, perhaps best demonstrated by her willingness to get drunk and puke during performances. Which is a move I would chalk up in the PURE HOTNESS column!!! That's how a lady keeps it real! Come Away With That Norah!

Anydrunk, here's a seemingly sober live performance of the song "Rehab" that will surely make you a fan, or at least want a drink:


  1. I love Mz. should totally listen to her older stuff, along with "Back to Black," cuz I definitely wouldn't classify her as an edgier NJ. I'd say more, Etta James MEETS NJ. Anyways, she's so hot she's cold. Love the blog! Keep on.

  2. jane - word. your description is def. more accurate. And I would like to peep the older stuff ... waddup wit the dubz/winehouse collabo??

  3. tenpin3/23/2007

    her myspc has a wee pile of clips of her sitting on a stuffed chair, fiddling with her hair and pickin at her nails, looking vaguely distracted and uncomfortable while doing her amzing f'in thing with just someone playing guit. She almost looks like she's in detention, thinking about what's she's goin to do later. The zutone cover, Valerie, specially.

  4. I always thought of her as a Jewish combination of Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu, only cooler, and drunk instead of insane. Really though, check out her first album 'Frank' sometime. I actually like that joint better from a songwriting standpoint than 'Back To Black,' even though I think the Motown-throwback production on 'Back To Black' is a little more interesting.

  5. ha! maybe a collab will go down someday. She doesn't seem to return my calls...

  6. THE Geneva3/30/2007

    Yep, you need to listen to some of her stuff from the Frank Album - one of the tracks makes me think of you...


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