Friday, March 16, 2007

Okay, Okay, Okay ... I Will Write The Word 'Negro' In As Many Contexts As Possible For The Roots & Co. As Well

More details and info to come on this, but going forward I'll also be contributing over at the home of The Roots, Common, Mos Def, Talib, Badu, Pharoahe Monch, Jill Scott and many other creative, intelligent black folk. Also known as Okayplayer.

There was a soft launch of a soft redesign today. And I'm sure there'll be some bugs and kinks to be ironed out. And hopefully there'll be things like, uh, permalinks someday, so I can, like, share ... but yeah. Once a day, everyday ... at least for a little taste. It should be fun.

There's a lot of what the blog kids call "insider baseball" on the "Obligatory Too-Long Hip Hop Introduction," but here's an excerpt:

Fast forward a few hours. I'm talking to ?uesto about what we're trying to do here on okayplayer, and he starts talking about how myspace and youtube made big $ and in my head I'm like, "yo son, you think this is The Prestige or some shit? Do you have video of Badu, Jill Scott, and Beyonce masturbating on ?uest's drum kit or something, cause you gonna need that PLUS Forest Whitaker at the top of his game to amp this shit up. Have you read my ironic T-shirt yet? It says, 'message boards are sexy.' Emphasis on IRONIC. Shit man, I thought y'all just wanted me to rewrite ?uest's liner notes or some shit.

Waddup /uest! (my bad, shift key is dodgy, need more budget)

Anyroots, insufferably long story made just a teensy bit shorter, as luck would have it I invented "blogging for black people” (actually its black people that like white people and white people that like black people, but whatever) and now we're going to see if that's a fit over here (Miscgenation Theory anyone?). I totally think we can get this site so hot that Jill, Erykah and Beyonce are gonna have to masturbate on ?uest's drumkit just to cool down. You know, on some black people who love white people and white people who love black people solidarity shit.

waddup Common! (can I get a fist in the air?)
This Blog is The New N-Word [okayplayer]


  1. Crap, I can't crack your code.

  2. Wow,

    There was a lot of female masterbation in that one.

    5280 Princess,

    Ms. Denva

  3. Glad you're finally putting your 'super-powahs' to good use. Write on playa.

  4. What J Dilla should I check out?

    Love, AssShakingCaucasianGirl


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