Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Learn Yourself About The Rams of Virginia Commonwealth University

Helped out on Deadspin's NCAA Pants Party with a little tidbit preview on Virginia Commonwealth.

(shout-out to The Hipster Handbook man himself, for dropping dime on VCU's "medieval club.")

It's been an Assimilated Negro kind of week for TAN, as I met your boy and mine Hugh Macleod, along with a consortium of online/new media/marketing people who have no problem calling themselves "NYC Geeks" (it's a white thing, you wouldn't understand).

Then last night got to party crash backstage with The Roots and Okayplayer...

And it's only Tuesday. Full TAN reports to come later ...

NCAA Pants Party: Duke vs. VCU [Deadspin]

My Gaping Void Biz Cards [TAN]
TAN Will Not Be In The Next Lupe Fiasco Video [TAN]

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  1. You're so happenin'. Can (may) I give you a handjob?


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