Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cracka CrackDown! - Industry Rule #4080 ...

Cracka Crackdown returns on Channel Okay today. Today's subject is Diane Kleiman, the woman trying to get over on 2007 NYC Man of The Year Wesley Autrey with a crappy contract. Excerpt:

So back when Wesley Autrey, the man who jumped on the train tracks in the face of an oncoming subway to save a stranger, was all over the news, I was so impressed I suggested everyone should change their rap name to Wesley Autrey. But who knew Wesley would embrace the independent rapper role so completely, even going so far as to sign a preposterously unfair contract that he's now looking to get out of.

I think Wesley will settle his dispute more easily than your average unknown emcee, because unlike the open-mic wannabe who's just droning on about themselves (haven't you heard? blogging's the new rapping), Wesley Autrey is a legitimate superhero. He's pretty much impervious to criticism, so there's no way you're going to get a judge or jury to agree with continuing to give him the shaft.

The shaft-giver in this case is one Diane Kleiman, who I couldn't actually confirm as a cracka, but I'm feeling confident can safely be placed in that category. If she's black, then I'm going to church on Sunday...

continued on The Big O...

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  1. tenpin3/29/2007

    A Kleiman quote from your NY Post link...

    "She also denied intimidating Autrey and said she was the scared one when she met him and his family in their Bronx home.

    "They live in a very bad area," she said. "I heard gunshots."

    Sounds like cracker fear to me. I bet your Sunday will be wide open.


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