Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hip Hop Pantheon: Nice & Smooth - Part 1, The Greg Nice Homage

hey yo, hillary clinton is the pope-pope
me myself, I always keeps it dope-dope
hip hop writers they like to mope-mope
say it's all dead, and there is no hope-hope

but it's spring again, let the winter thaw-thaw
saw a show with nice & smooth, I was left in awe-awe
Greg Nice had 'em all jumping off the floor-floor
they just killed everyone that came before-fore

I remember coming up, I used to think he sucked-sucked
he would say nonsense, didn't give a f*ck-f*ck
his voice was funny, the echo effect was cool-cool
but he acted like a clown and sounded like a fool-fool

with all the ahh oui-oui
fa so la pee-pee
how his girl had a cello
and lived in a tee-pee

but in one show I realized that's all my bad-bad
cause now all of hip hop has become a fad-fad
people still say nonsense, but the vibe ain't fun
while Greg N-I-C-E
sweeter than a cinnamon bun-bun
hot and sticky
words not picky
if the girl is fine
she gets licky-licky

it ain't really tricky, it's just all he cares-cares
about is getting people's hands up in the airs-airs
so this is part one of an extended review
of how Greg Nice and Smooth B always keep it funky for you

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  1. Props! Been wanting to do something similar with Cam. Nice work, dunny.

  2. Greg Nice has grown on me over the years too. For his sake, I hope the same isn't true for his dome.

  3. Love his voice! What was that song he did over a sample of "Rockin' Chair"?


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