Friday, March 23, 2007

How To Pray To The Booty Gods

straight from the inbox:

From: TAN2
Subject: Friday night

The "booty gods" have conspired against me once again, the [redacted description] just canceled our rendevouz for manana [ed. note - love the tri-lingual email!] *As a solemn tear rolls down my cheek*. So maybe we can get a guys night out popping for tomorrow?



To: TAN2
From: TAN
Subject: Re. Friday Night

oh, that's killer. you should prick your penis (be careful!) and put one drop of blood in a condom, then bury it near a tree somewhere. In three fortnights return to the tree and there will be a girl there ready to give you some booty.

good luck!


  1. Poor T.A.N,

    Sounds like you need some Ass ASAP.

    Ms. Denva

  2. why you tryin' to blow my spot Ms. D?

    If you notice, TAN2 is the one lamenting in this exchange, and I'm the one offering sage advice.

    I don't need no ass, ass needs me.

    (please don't be angry, booty gods. i'm not taking your blessings for granted, just sayin')

  3. Doesn't work. And ouch! Thanks a lot, TAN2!


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