Thursday, March 29, 2007

Carlos Mencia: Himself, And Bill Cosby

More fuel for the "I Hate Carlos Mencia" bonfire. Or "I Hate Ned Holness" bonfire, whatever:

via Deadspin

I understand there are only so many jokes and ideas, but this is vintage execution by Cosby. The stuff about raising the kid like a wild dog eating the tree is both insightful and hilariously delivered. The hyped up exaggeration about the school and stadium perfectly sets up the "Hi Mom!" punchline. Mencia goes with a one-note blasé run-through of football jargon. NO! It's a quintessential example of the same joke being done by a lesser comedian. Booooo!


  1. The very idea that this idiot would rip off one of the most seen and classic comedy specials of all time is further proof that Holness is indeed a shit sandwich

  2. Plus Holness-as-Dad opts to refer to Mom as "that bitch"? Hoo-hoo, that is funny stuff. I love Cosby's old standup routines. Sheer brilliance.

  3. I used to like Mencia when he was young and hungry. Now he just yells and does bad arab impersonations, which I don't hate absolutely, but it would be better if it was actually funny.

  4. Okay, I have listened to the hype that Ned Holness (aka Carlos Mencia) steals jokes. I have watched all the YouTube takes on this, and I must say that I have not personally seen anything that would suggest theft.

    Wait, before you lambast me for my opinion, let me finish...

    In every instance, what I have seen is a joke about a common theme - popular thought. This is what makes humour so funny, folks. It is that we can immediately see the humour in the punchline. The set up on a popular thought will almost always be the same, i.e. a guy walks into a bar, two buddies swiggin' beer, a father and son, a daughter and mom, or even a guy visiting a brothel. Whatever, they are all so common that we immediately identify with the joke and presenter.

    You wanna find fault with a comedian - go after Joe Rogan, who started all this. A has been comedian who doesn't have any material and can't get a job after Fear Factor, is so upset with his own life that he takes it out on the most successful comedian in town. Get a life Joe, and find a new occupation. You are not funny as a comedian.

    As for others who believe that Carlos is guilty of theft, take a good hard look at the last five jokes you told and then tell me that you have the right to cast stones against anyone for theft.

  5. Anonymous4/21/2007

    actually joe rogan wasn't the first person to bring up that ned holness is a joke theft. I believe it was actually George lopez who has had a longer, joke stealing fueled fued with holness from early on.


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