Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Post Where The Not Drunk Girl Pees On Carlos Mencia


"I wasn't really all that drunk. Aside from the peeing on the floor."


The real impetus for this post, however, was me happening across this rant by Joe Rogan (of Fear Factor fame) about Carlos Mencia. Or should I say Ned Holness.

Now I'm not one to knock someone for concealing their identity. I certainly have my own secrets to reveal once I'm rich-and-famous. (wait is that link linkable? D'oh!!) But if what Joe says is true, it's a pretty sorry story. I never liked the show, and for the whole schtick to be hijacked, including him being a Mexican, well, my complaint is, at least hijack good material, you know?

I've never met anyone who was a big Mind Of Mencia fan, but if you're reading this, prepare to be flummoxed.

and thanks to Veronica Vinegar where I originally found the link. She has a spicy calendar that might keep you warm in the cold months.


  1. Ned is one of the worst comics I've ever run across. His Mexacoonin' is awful.

  2. I'm gonna speak on this because it makes me so0o0ooo fucking angry I can hardly breathe.

    There is no... zero... never... NO fucking reason anyone should steal somebody else's material. If somebody is a thief like that, I have no idea how they can sleep at night.

    It's not easy coming up with new and fresh ways to talk about topics that have existed since the beginning of time. It's not easy taking observations of life and commuting them in a lighthearted way that people want to rally around. Real writers never rest. You're up at night thinking, writing, re-writing, self-critiquing, self-loathing, changing angles, etc. It's like... one paragraph might represent a whole week of your life as far as the amount of effort you put into it.

    And then to have some cheat fuck bastard snake in behind you, pick up on your efforts, and just do the easy part? That's low. There's a special place in hell for Carlos Mencia and any other idea stealing fuckers on the planet.

  3. I looked up "Mind of Mencia" on Google. It said "Did you mean 'The Chappele Show?'"

    PLEASE don't steal that joke folks.

  4. I heard Rogan talking about this on O&A recently. Dude was high on pot lollipops, but he seemed pretty lucid. He made a few accusations and backed them up with facts.

    Plus, Mind of Mencia blows.


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