Friday, November 25, 2005

America The Meritocracy

Sometimes it's easy to forget what makes this country of ours so great.

It's because if you're good at what you do, and show some drive, you will most likely be rewarded.

Hence, George W. Bush is our president.

And Mike Brown, the former FEMA director, is starting a new "disaster preparedness consulting firm":

"If I can help people focus on preparedness, how to be better prepared in their homes and better prepared in their businesses -- because that goes straight to the bottom line -- then I hope I can help the country in some way," Brown told the Rocky Mountain News for its Thursday editions.

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In somewhat related news I'm apparently in the running for the "White Man Of The Year" award


  1. oh... god.
    just.... god.

    at first I was bitter about what happened to my city. Now I'm just...

    oh... god.
    oh... god.

  2. Good luck, TAN! You've got my vote.

  3. (Plus I thought it was April Fools Day when I saw the news item about Brownie's consulting business.)

  4. Good God!

    How stupid can one person be? I mean, REALLY!

  5. Mike Brown starting a disaster preparedness consulting firm is like me hosting a student loan repayment seminar.


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