Monday, November 07, 2005

Where's The Drama? + Butt Heat Etymology.

Something I've said since I was a wee lad is that I can never get all the aspects of my life working in sync. If something goes well financially, or professionally, then something negative will happen in terms of my relationships, friends or romantic.

David Mamet believes drama is in many ways the nature and purpose of our existence
. We can not live without creating drama somehow someway. So the fact that one aspect of my life is always out of sync would theoretically be how I keep drama in my life.

How do you keep drama in your life? And is there anyone who is currently living a drama-free existence?

And while you're answering that, I've also been trying to come up with a word for that unsettling butt warmth you feel when taking someone's seat who just got up. Shouldn't there be a name for that particular kind of heat? It's comforting, as body heat usually is, but also unnerving since it's from some stranger's ass, and you don't know whether it was just heated over time or if there was a more proactive effort on their end.

I have yet to come up with a good word for this, but it seems distinctive enough to merit its own term. Maybe someone out there has the solution ...

so kindly repond to both questions/issues if you can.




  1. Anonymous11/07/2005

    You know the saying "When it rains it poors"

    I don't think anyone is living a drama free existence. Whether you are black or white, rich or poor, drama is part of life and given to us for a reason.

    As for the unsettling butt warmth I have no name for it. Curious to see what word you come up with.

  2. ok - for eight years I struggled to get to a job I liked (well, the job was always good, it was the co-workers/bosses) and I finally found a school I LOVE to teach at. I mean, I actually wake up in the morning excited to go to school. Half-way through my first year at my new dream job, my husband left me. So, yeah, I got the drama! I don't want it - I mean can't a girl have one fucking good drama-free year?

    butt warmth....hmmmmm:

  3. My life has so little drama, I have to manufacture it myself. I do a nice job of it, if I do say so myself. Enough to give myself a feeling of drama without rendering anyone else's existence topsy-turvy.

    Let's see. We need two words for the ass-warmed sensation: one for a stranger's not-always-welcome warmth, and one for the delightful warm spot someone you like has bestowed on you. And then there's the couch vs. toilet issue: warm seat at home on a cold day, wonderful. Hot seat in a public john, creepy. And the couch/chair thing, totally makes a difference if you're looking for warmth or if a hot seat's just going to make you uncomfortably warm.

    TAN Man, we don't need a mere word. We need a treatise on the semiotics of assal seat heating.

  4. I create my own. Right now I'm playing the role of "the exposed nerve" and I'm probably going to win an award for my performance.

  5. the name for the warm seat is...disgusting

  6. Then there's the warmed-up spot of bed. My son wandered over to my bed this morning, and stole my spot when I got up to pee. When I came back, I asked what he was doing in my warm spot. "Keeping it for you," he replied. "Using my warm spot to keep yourself warm, or keeping it warm for me?" I asked. "Using and keeping together," he said.

  7. For the drama, I have kids. I know it's totally unoriginal but they make me want to kill and live forever at the same time. Heavy drama.

    As for the butt heat term, hmm. Thermal Ass Pass?

  8. oh, so that explains why most of my friends are going batshit crazy and writing me epic-length emails laundry-listing in merciless detail every single one of my perceived faults.


    Got it.

  9. Specific Heat.

  10. Umm, I'd like to suggest disengaging as a way to realize a drama-free existence. I mean, just the small things; the energy saved can be redirected to areas of your life that are lacking. Imagine: the end of rubbernecking traffic because no one slows down to look. Time, energy, saved.

    And, seatzap. Or, cheekfever.


  11. I worked with a woman from Iran who told me that a man could not sit in a warm spot that was left by a woman, like on the bus. It was too much like sex or something. I now seek out warm spots, but not if I'm wearing shorts...

    I am numb to my own drama I think. I live through my sisters' broken relationship dramas. [HE DOESN'T WANT TO BE WITH YOU!]

  12. millyuns11/06/2009

    Rear-Endothermic Heat


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