Monday, November 28, 2005

Dogs Explain Why They Poop In The House

I was actually thinking about doing this earlier in the year, so I'm annoyed Purina stole my innovative "talking dog" concept.

These are fairly amusing though.

Self Admitted Poopers Explain Themselves


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  1. I admit it - both of my dogs have distinct voices and have LOTS of things to say. Only one of them poops in the house. His reasoning, "Ummmm, well, sure she's home but I asked like one time and she was busy or whatever so I just took a crap in the hall. I used to squeeze out the cat door and then break the screens on the porch to get outside, but she used some plastic thing to block half the cat door and I am fat soooo now I just crap in here." It is much more wonderful when you hear it in his voice...


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