Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Vote Or Die: The Trequel (This time it's really really personal)

So I don't know who nominated me for The URBS awards. If I did, I'd probably do a song for you.

No, not one of those with the acoustic guitar and singing and ish. I don't do that.

Anyblog, at the time of publishing, I was up for :

World's Best Urban Music Blog

World's Hottest Urban Blogger (insert astonished self-deprecating comment here)


World's Best Urban Blog (actually I'm not nominated for this ... yet)

I don't know exactly how it works. They say these are just nominations, but it also seems like they want people to vote on the nominations to whittle it down.

But since we all know a negro is a longshot to win anything having to do with the word "urban," or the word "award," that means we have a chance to make some political history here.

So as I see it you have too two choices:

Vote TAN


Vote Racism


  1. Anonymous11/30/2005

    whooo hoooo!!!!

    go TAN

    you continue to set the blog world on fire.

  2. It was me. I nominated you. Ten times. They stopped taking my calls after the first six.
    Now I want my song, bitch!!!


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