Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hi Guys. Thanks Guys. Bye Guys.

Sitemeter tells me I was TotalFarked. So I think that means it was a good day.
Also want to say thanks to Gary, who has a nice little collection of posts for geniuses and non-geniuses alike, including TAN.

And to the Big Apple Blog Festival with a roundup of posts by NYC bloggers, including TAN.

And to Sean at Bonfire of the Vanities, a roundup of the worst posts. Where my effect on Kate Moss gets a link.

If you feel underappreciated by me, please know that I've already thanked God and a million others. Consider yourself included, or poop.

Now back to my bodyguard dealing with some silly commenter.


  1. what the f is going on here??

  2. congratulations on the TotalFark.


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