Friday, November 25, 2005

Bursting Your Bubble

The day after Thanksgiving is still commonly referred to as "Black Friday" and regarded as the biggest shopping day of the year. (by the way this is a rare association with the word black that is actually positive, since it represents stores going from the "red" to the "black")

But apparently that's no longer the case.
And the truth is that sales peak on the last Saturday before Christmas. Which makes a lot more sense considering how much we as a country love to procrastinate (waddup New Orleans).

And speaking of busting bubbles. Don't you think having a piece of street lamp fall on you and force you to the hospital courtesy of an oversized out-of-control M&M balloon would be a big enough "sign" that maybe, just maybe, you don't need to waste away your time watching floats and the like proceed down the street in a single file line on Thanksgiving Day?

Well not for these two parade diehards.


  1. The last link has a picture of the red M&M. And he looks mighty he knows what he did!

  2. This year, they should have called it Crack Friday, since some folks in middle America were so anxious to get those bargains that they behaved like frenzied crackheads as a free sample sale. People got injured and stomped to the floor in at least a few stores, and the footage wasn't pretty.

    Good thing that giant M and M was plain and not peanut--it could have been a lot uglier. Come back? I'd sue the city, Macy's, and the M and M corp.

  3. Is it overkill to point(out) and laugh about the stampedes in the Walmart stores today? It happens every year, you know, but I still get some perverse satisfaction out of it. It’s like a reassurance that the world I live in is still in order.

  4. For some reason that M&M incident is reminding me of The Funniest Mary Tyler Moore Episode Ever: the one where Chuckles the Clown dresses as a peanut for a parade and is crushed to death by a stampeding hungry elephant. (makes note to watch that video tonight...)


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