Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Monogamous Masturbation

I wouldn't know anything about this, but i was wondering ....

Anyone ever treat the objects of their masturbatory fantasies like real relationships?

For example, if you have your regular rotation of performers, but maybe one or two sessions in a row you bring in some special guest star and kick your main masturbatory squeeze to the curb.

Then once your fling is over, you know you've hurt their feelings so the next time you come back to your standby you try and fantasize nicer. Like you might wear a suit, and imagine a nice dinner. Or you might even conjure up some extra foreplay.

And you talk to them, "come on baby, you know I don't even usually watch Laguna Beach, those girls don't mean anything to me. What we have here is special."

I guess that's probably the extent of the relationship. Though if anyone does even more, the comment box is all ears.

I think it's nice to cultivate something that has some depth to it with that special person, or that special handful of people.

Don't you think?


  1. I love Laguna Beach.

    if I have to choose between LC or TAN. Sorry dude. new profile pic is nice but ...

  2. Anonymous11/16/2005

    lol. yeah I even break out the tux sometimes.

  3. Here's the deal, brotha. I'm married. That's about all the monogamy a male human being can stand.

    The only time I get to be a whore anymore is in the palms, so I've got a regular conveyor belt of take-on-all-comers, nasty, beautiful, fat, skinny, famous, non-existent, alien and Puerto Rican women that I involve in the masturbation rituals. I never know who's gonna be next. The girl behind the counter at Steak N Shake? The mother I saw walking her kids into Target? Eva Mendes? The opportunities are endless.

  4. "special handful"

    pun intended?

  5. Huh? I can't believe it! A masturbation question I don't understand! Guess all that jerking off is making me senile!

  6. I don't think I have a masterbation boyfriend. Should I get one or can I be a masterbation whore?

  7. I only think of women I've fucked before. though this time, I talk to them dirty. or, non-dirty...whichever the opposite case may have been.


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