Monday, November 21, 2005

Make Some Noise Cause TAN Is For The Kids

my traffic base is steadily increasing. To which I say awwwwww yeeeeeah.

But for some reason since my oh-so-memorable 100th post, it's been awfully quiet in here.

So, I don't know, I don't want to impose on your blog styze. I know bloggers be trying to keep it real too, on some whatever, whatever ish. You gonna do what you gonna do. TAN ain't alladat, blahzay-blah.

But all I'm saying is if you in motherfcukin' club TAN, and you chillin' checking out this and that, can you make a little noise please? Even if you wanna be like, "yo, that ni$$a TAN is wack son." Whatever. Let people know you up in this piece. Don't forget hip hop is in the building. And hip hop is about respectfully letting motherfcukers know you up in this piece. This motherfcukin' piece called life. Knowhumsayin'?

Plus, you know, we tryin' to keep it lively. So, you know, the kids can come through and see it poppin', and see the white people and the black people chillin', getting down with the asian and the whatever other people, without all the killin' and ish. And they can be like, word, you know what, I ain't gonna kill this motherfcuker today. I'm gonna be cool.

Cause as you know, with these kids today, appearances are everything.

And if you didn't know, ask Jack.

Or Heather.

Or Larry.

So don't comment for me. Comment for the kids. Cause TAN is for the kids.



  1. Anonymous11/21/2005

    can we make noise anonymously???


  2. So now you want the love? I thought you were bloggin' for the money! Well, since I have nooooo money, at least I can offer you what you're asking for this time. Wooo-woo!

  3. Commenting. I'm a lurker. Yay traffic.

  4. don't ask me...ask my boobs. or Suki.

    nice try on the comment whoring, though hun. it's working...obvs.

  5. TAN, once again you are breaking down blog barriers left and right.

    I've long been under the impression that pandering for comments was bad blogiquette (um, is this even a word?), since it usually comes off as whiny and self-indulgent, but you make the request sound genuinely sincere, and there's something very refreshing about that.

    Just remember this - everyone goes through phases where they're wondering why no one is commenting on their latest amazing post. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that the people who agree with what you're saying rarely bother to comment. As nice as it is to have your supporters, you don't need your comments turning into a cheerleading section either. It gets boring.

    "TAN, you fucking rock; I'm moving out of my sweet Murray Hill pad that I don't pay for and up to Harlem because of you!"

    "Your linguistics and sentence structure are hypnotic, TAN."

    "TAN, I'm wearing nothing but silk panties, come on over and fuck me." (OK, this one never gets boring).

    While those are all nice things to hear, you gotta remember that most of the time, the only people who are gonna take the time to comment are those who disagree with you.

  6. TAN and KIX are for kids!!

    there's my two cents, enjoy.

  7. jeah, waddup party people.

    larry - yeah I did hesitate before actually publishing this. I figured if I got admonished I could still put my thumb in my mouth, shrug my shoulders and claim newbie blogger ignorance/innocence.

    But I have seen that many of the most popular/respected blogs go commentless for many posts. so it's not the be all or end all.

    that said, silk panty proclamations and anything along those lines will always be welcome, even encouraged. cardboard panties also.

  8. Anonymous11/22/2005

    KC is in the building reppin' for my "assimilated nygga" TAN...Cause your sh!t is official, like a referee with a whistle, fo shizzle, my nizzle.


    I was listening to "The Chronic" on the way to work, and got a little carried a way....


  9. My advice to you? If you want to get people to comment more regularly, show 'em your tits. Somehow it makes them chatty about everything else.

  10. Have a whole update on my site about you TAN. You are the ONLY blog I'm plugging. But I don't live in NY, so I guess that's that.

  11. I claim neither popularity nor respectability, certainly not at TAN levels anyway. But I did get Gawked again on Friday, which resulted in a few thousand more hits than I usually get.

    Number of comments: 0.

    There is some phenomenon surrounding the whole hit:comment ratio that I have not quite figured out.


    "But I have seen that many of the most popular/respected blogs go commentless for many posts. so it's not the be all or end all."

  12. There's absolutely no scientific proof to verify this, but in my experience you can generally expect roughly 10 comments per thousand visitors.

    Which seems like a ridiculously tiny ratio, but a lot of people just don't bother commenting.

    Of course, it all depends on what you're writing. I'm working on a post about how being a condescending asshole tends to provoke amusing reactions, so sometime ya gotta go with what you know.

  13. orange - I don't know. I think the quality of the rack plays a part also.

    herbie - thanks. what's the link for the TAN update? For some reason or another it sounds fascinating.

    muk - yeah getting gawked is a good example

    larry - that does sound small to me. I think I'm above that ratio, so guess I can't complain.

  14. TAN keeps it hot; so when he says holla back I gotta represent.

    I felt a need to respond since my meager spike received a spike in new visitors (4) who were searching either Google or Technorati for "assimilated negro." Guess trackbacks really do work; thanks for the blog contact high, yo.

    I'm no pretender to the throne, though; there's only one TAN. Perhaps I'm more AnEx (An assimilated negro, exported). When your site stats say Korea, now you know why.

  15. Anonymous11/10/2006

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