Monday, August 07, 2006

Classic Moments In Interrupted IM History

You know how on IM, you might be speaking to someone, and you go on some humorous tangent. But then the other person has to work, or step away and so you're left hoping/wondering your tangent isn't left out there dangling for others to see and misinterpret. These make forClassic Moments In Interrupted IM History. Here's an example:

saw little miss sunshine
it was cool. i saw it with a ruckus crowd that was actually a little distracting .
TAN-Bloupie: note: i went with a friend and she had NOTHING to do with my shoulder.
TAN: hmmpph
TAN-Bloupie: just sayin!
TAN: has to be a male ... males love shoulders
TAN-Bloupie: ah hah.
why - is it like a neck boob or something?
TAN: mmmm neckboobs ...
please, don't get me all hot and bothered ... it's too early in the morning
TAN-Bloupie: fair enough.
ummm, cat testicles.
TAN: nooooo ... NOT AT ALL ... cat testicles MMMMMHHHMMMMM
TAN-Bloupie: one sec. brb.
TAN: -classic moment in IM interruption-

What's A Bloupie? [TAN]


  1. nothing like being left standing with your cat tesicles hanging out!

  2. cat testicles turn me on too ... rawwwrrr, or should I say puurrrr.


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