Thursday, August 03, 2006

Superman Doesn't Like The Pale Breezies

Got this awesome link sent to me. Apparently this is an authentic old school comic cover. They post a lot of crazy covers like this over in the galleries at Superdickery.

Initially I was thinking this might be some sort of throwback tanning salon. But then I speculated on the storyline, and figured this has to be about Superman getting tired of the light-skin breezies. They probably can't handle trooping around in all the direct sunlight on Krypton without the extra melanin. I'm betting that in addition to the Breezie-Cooker, Superman also has a Phatty Machine, so he can have a little something-something to hold on to while he's bangin' breezies in a single bound.

They also should have changed Lois's name to Weezie for the issue.

They Don't Make Comics Like They Used To
What's A Breezie? [Ni**a Know]
(thanks Jim for the link)


  1. Anonymous8/03/2006

    Kal-El likes em pale. He's trying to talk her out of it: "Are you SURE you want to go through wth this, Lois?"

    Perhaps he's scared that she'll give Black Vulcan a call.

  2. awesome find TAN. that cover would cause a ruckus nowadays I'm sure.

  3. I wonder if you can order these. would love to read the issue.

  4. anon - He's superman. if he didn't want her to do it, he wouldn't let her. but clearly he's facilitating the process.

    I think the comment is the same tone as the boyfriend who asks his gf to get a boob job. And is then obligated to ask if she's sure she wants to go through with it. boob jobs, abortions, threesomes, all of them get the same insincere question.

    in an unrelated aside, I think I might take to calling older black women Weezie-Breezies.

  5. The title is an edgy allusion to the banned Swedish film from 1967, "I Am Curious (Yellow)."

  6. Anonymous8/03/2006

    yo, thanks for that linkback love.. i'm inspired as shit with that weeziebreezie shit you laying out:

    weezie breezies
    got ass for weeks
    to feed the needy
    for sheezy..
    you back in the 9 3?
    then exsqueeze me.

    thats a big eddie ed original.. let me run the fine tooth pick on that shit and hit you back. one.

  7. Superdickery is an awesome site. If the new Superman movie had him acting like the examples on that site, the new movie would have been a blockbuster.

  8. Anonymous8/05/2006

    Remember when you wrote about lots of stuff other than racial issues?.....yeah, that was cool.

  9. I'm just popping in to say "hi"... I don't have a thing to say about comic books. As far as I'm concerned superman broke his neck, got political, and died.

  10. wow...this cover is do people get away with creating covers like that? i know i will be bombarded with views that censorship shouldn't exist but that cover is distasteful but hardly surprising -- people who aren't black women think they know how to sum it up.

    Nice blog btw

  11. I agree with TAN...Superman wanted her to do it. Afterall, who can resist a black woman, what with the huge muscular thighs, the high cheekbones, round booty and pert tits...and of course, the tightly cropped Afro.

    Yup, people got away with this.


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