Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Paid In Full ... To Blog (audio)

1st Verse: Assimilated
2nd Verse: Negro

MP3 File

Yo, I'm thinking of a master plan
you know it's always real shit when you f*ck with TAN
so I start a post, got no comments
I wrote another, still coming up with lint
so I close the laptop
leave my residence
thinking about Nick Denton's dead presidents
I need a niche
maybe I do sh*t for kids
or pitch this hardcore, raw dog sh*t for nigs
It's like, holla!
show me the dollars
don't folla?
I went to colla
still ain't nothin' change but the squalor
I wanna learn to blog, act self-righteous
feels great god, maybe I might just
look for a gig on craigslist
but I smoke pot
been taking Jaeger shots for breakfast
call my balls young
and my c*ck is restless
you know it don't stop
cause I'm on some next shhhhhhhhhhh

*** SWITCH***

welcome to hell
land of Jor-El
staredowns I don’t blink, think my shit doesn’t smell
rip it very well
we talking liquid fairytale
inspired to dream, perspire for green
observe desire, words that conspire to scheme
me and my muse emerge attired like a sire and queen
*inhale* I take you higher
hired to burn fire
fired I turn dire straits to gates of empires
think twice beware, don’t enter the lair
so hot the sun drops, clouds gasping for air
n's gripe, I bled to wipe destiny’s tears
over head with insight, your eyes confessing to ears
i appear, grab mics, my profession is clear
who on the fence ego repressing their fears
convinced they might manage to bs a career
they're like beers
I’m food for thought you're digesting for years

*said we rarin' to go ...*
*said we rarin' to go ...*


  1. Anonymous8/29/2006

    Nice work TAN, you've been neglecting the audio, good to get a taste.

    "don't folla?, i went to colla, still ain't nothing change bu tthe squalor" - hilarious.

  2. Now you're not just thinking about NIck Denton's dead presidents, you're cashing them, right?

  3. good stuff TizzAN. (can i say that?)

    "me and my muse emerge attired like a sire and queen"


  4. Oh, I definitely want to see you "do some sh*t for kids" -- that would be awesome.

  5. First time I heard you rap, great voice.


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