Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hopeless Romantic

I'm working on a couple projects, and reading other stuff in hopes of inspiration or whathaveyou. I was reading a draft I have of the script for Adaptation, and I just loved this little scene that never actually made it into the movie.

Kaufman talks to his therapist.
I could tell a woman I'm a screenwriter and I could get laid

I'm sure that's true.

But I want them to like me. The way I like them. The way I'd do anything for some woman walking down the street. A million women walking down the street. I don't need to know what their job is. I don't need to know them at all
(a terrible sadness)
No one will ever love me like that.

Kaufman glances down at his therapist's breasts. He does it fast and unintentionally. He quickly shifts back to her face. His therapist wraps her shawl around her.

*and... scene*


  1. I've told women that i was a screenwriter and it got me nowhere. Oh well. maybe it works better in like, Columbus OH than in LA.

  2. Anonymous8/02/2006

    Ahh hilarious, and so true. Men are all like this. They fall in love with every woman-- so unloyal. And a woman just wants a man who only feels this way about her a lone and no other woman-- there lies the conundrum.

  3. Love this. Such a great example of how the devil's in the details. Even Kaufman's leftovers are brilliant.

    I don't think 'I'm a writer' works for girls in terms of getting laid. Not quite as attention-grabbing as 'see that pole over there? That's my office.'

  4. anon - I choose to see it as an overabundance of love, not lack of loyalty. It's love runneth over. Based on your comments, I would say then that men are generous and women are selfish.


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