Monday, August 14, 2006

Nicole Richie Is Dying!

Holy shite. I just saw this pic over on best week ever.

Nicole has gone from *maybe* a little pudgy, to cute, to The Machinist II.

Someone get her some Fast Franks fast.

(and my comment on their post amuses me greatly, go read it, and sing along)

Nicole Richie Still Skeletal [bestweekever]


  1. Clever, Patrice. Now I'll be singing that all day...

    Normally, when I see celebrities (male or female)in bathing attire my first reaction is, "Show us the goods, Baby!"

    Nicole? Come back when you put on 25 pounds and we'll talk. No doubt, her desire for me to see her naked will be inspirational.

    Nicole does read this blog, right?

  2. There's nothing right about that. AT ALL.

  3. Oh, that poor, confused, skeletal little girl. She looks DISGUSTING!!!! :(

    Oh, and, I saw that movie The Machinist. Definitely a fair comparison ...

  4. He (oops) She looks like mess and sadly some folks will think she look great that thin. I am sure she doesn't see anything wrong with her weight.

  5. "Nicole Richie is Dying!"
    Nah, she's just preparing for her epic role in Ghandi 2 Electric boogaloo.
    That silly Richie girl, always trying to one up that hack Ben Kingsley.

  6. Anonymous8/14/2006

    The fucked up part is, the celeb media will run, Richie/Kate whatserface/Lindsay Lohan/etc. "looks so great!" and "does she have an eating disorder?" stories in the same week.

    Nothing about looking like you escaped Auschwitz is sexy. It's gross. If she weren't a rich, spoiled stank ho, I'd feel sorry for her.

  7. yes, you had a great comment! did you read the one after you? it gets better.

  8. and she's running. hopefully she's running to a deli or something. she looks like she's from new delhi. the ghandi descript is actually pretty accurate.

  9. The fashion media could feature healthier models if they so chose. And that could work for stills. But for moving pictures--for video, tv, the silver screen--the camera adds ten pounds or more. So it appears we're all kinda stuck with this trend.

    Or are we?

    I'm doing my part to reverse or squelch this trend: I'm dating a mid-sized woman with a beatuiful heart. After a while and if you're in love, looks don't matter a tall. It's the tender small things that count, like doing the dishes and listening to her with both ears to something that very easily could be considered mundane.

  10. mmmmm, don't those mosquito bites just get your blood pumpin.

    so, she has to roll up her diaper-lookin bikini bottoms to keep 'em on, horrified by what might happen if those bad chickens were to head south...cuz the richie netherregions...disgustin.

  11. 1/3rd of a lady?


  12. Oh my damn, that's a frightening sight. And I'm mad at you for the Machinist reference - that was another frightening sight!

  13. The creepiest part of this photo is the fucking grin on her face. What's she so happy about? She's nearly dead.

  14. she must save a bundle on tampons.

  15. Good one, Twit. And Greg Mills, yes, I've heard women that skinny do sometimes quit having their periods. How awful.

    If this govt. can haul abused kids away from their parents, why can't there be some sort of Amnesty International style of organization that deals with terminally unhealthy skinny people. This organization would have the minimum height/weight figures down to a science, and if you're found underweight, you're either hauled away to a "fat farm," or if you refuse to go, then you're ostracized and shamed nationally.

    In the same way that those anti-fur people throw paint at people who wear mink coats, the Weight Police could throw Twinkies at those deemed too skinny.

  16. i honestly thought this was a pic from a race in somalia before i recognized her face. jesus.

    and thanks for the well wishes, PATRICE (yeah, way to call out my real name)!


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