Monday, August 21, 2006

TAN: Real Estate Insider

As New Yorkers we all hear tales of those lucky individuals in rent stabilized and rent controlled apartments. But if you're like most New Yorkers you just sigh and think to yourself "Must be nice-- I could never get my hands on a cheap apartment like that." you gaze off in the landscape and imagine all the money you'd save if you only had to pay $800 in rent-- you imagine yourself travelling, buying stocks, having children etc. You curse your ancesters for not having the forsight to rent apartments in 1927 for $25 a month and pass them down to you.

Don't you wish you had the inside scoop and knew an insider who could get you an apartment steal? You've found the insider, you're looking at that insider, it is us- HH REALTY GROUP TAN.
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The post goes on to list a few great deals (adjective added, without having seen the places) and pre-qualifications.

3 Bedroom For $1500?!!?
[HH Realty Group]


  1. a southerner who reads TAN8/21/2006

    Ha! Makes me glad I live in FL. I've got a 2bd/1.5ba, 1100 sq ft for $630/month. Ah, southern livin'. I'd be uspet if I paid $1500 for a 3bd.

  2. Screw that.....I'll take it. my boyfriend is moving us into an $800 one bedroom I haven't seen yet, and I'm just crossing my fingers that all the walls are there, and maybe indoor plumbing. Will you be my realtor TAN?

  3. does it come with a TAN?

  4. no, but it may come with an AN

  5. That's why I live in Harlem, people. 3 bedroom, less than $2K - and all the exercise you want, courtesy of living in a 6th floor walk-up!

  6. Anonymous8/22/2006

    One can love and live in Harlem for its Harlemness rather than for more space or economics. You could be living under 96th street in a rent stabilized apartment that we're listing and pay less. Its not a myth, its real. Call us and we'll show you...


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