Monday, August 21, 2006

"This Is For The Kids Who Jerk To Maxim Covers"

Almost neglected to mention, in watching Entourage last night, I noticed them biting my styze like 3-4 years later.

At the height of The Blue Room era, in the tradition of "Dreams" by BIG and "How To Rob" by Fifty, I penned the unknown classic "Girls I Like ..." which contained the triplet:

you know I'm a lover
just throw me the rubbers
turn this up for all my heads who jerk to maxim covers

In yesterday's episode, Drama, on his first day of a new primetime acting gig, takes a Maxim into the bathroom as fodder to help relieve his anxiety. It's later revealed to him that his Hand Solo session was broadcast over the live microphone he was wearing.

It was one of the bigger setups/gags in the episode, and I'd bet that the Maxim placement and joke was critical for Entourage's name-dropping ironic-hip edgy style. I just wonder what shows will be sipping from my contributions to the Communal Idea Pool years from now.

Blue Notes: Girls I Like ... [TAN]


  1. you deserve your props, but i think most take it for granted that dudes jerk off to pretty much anything with vagina on the cover, starting with the Sears catalogue.

  2. beating off to Maxim? that's so middle school

  3. Dude, you wrote that Girls I like tune? Awesome! Come up to my studio by the TZ bridge and let's record the new version! For real!

  4. Man...How to rob? I remmeber hearing that shit on the radio in Sacramento in 199 and thinking it was the greatest thing ever and I never heard it again until somebody else menitoned that 50 did it before he was a star. Awesome. Still my favorite song he ever did.

  5. Anonymous8/23/2006

    awesome song TAN. You definitely should do an update ...

  6. Watching Entourage is just like reading Maxim anyway, so the act was self-congratulatory. They also get a late pass for referencing Nigo (via the stupidly named Fukajama).


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