Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bald Britney: TAN On The Streets (video)

As we did for Negro Bowl I, Richard Blakeley and I hit the streets to hear what people thought about this Bald Britney drama. Here are the video results:

First Responders: Bald Britney [Gawker]


  1. Perhaps you should rename your blog "Gawker's Bitch" or i guess if you want to stick with the theme "Gawker's Assimilated Bitch" so you could at least keep part of your soul.

  2. Don't know it I'd go^^^that far, but I think we will be able to trace the point at which this blog jumped the shark to Feb. 14. Something about the whole TAN tap-dance--especially since GP became more than a one-off-- tastes like ass. It begs question eerily close to the Chappelle Conundrum: ie are they in on the joke or are YOU the joke. And there is no third box to check, homie. That's the sickness of it.

    Shame, really.

  3. Can I suggest leaving the soundtrack off next time? You can't hear what people are saying.

  4. I was dropped as a child too. Brit's kids will be okay. I'm perfectly normal, right?

  5. Anonymous2/21/2007

    enough, TAN. take a break.

  6. Hi mist...

    ghost - duly noted

    etc - I don't really understand haterade, but I do love how Britney represents the "dark side" (pardon).

    regardless, no breaks. we're just getting started folks.

  7. Anonymous2/21/2007

    it's just not that interesting.

    the vday thing was one thing, even the column is ok. but when they just send you on the street for no reason - lame.

  8. OK... am I the last person to finds out that ICANTSINGBRITNY.. gone bald???...

    Anyhooo... Tan.. loves your blog!!



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