Friday, February 09, 2007

White Castle Craigslist - m4wc

If you're in NYC, and you ever wanted to go out with me, either to be friends, or to kill me and stop my blog before it does any more harm. Here's your chance. I guess you could also be totally disinterested in me and want some free White Castle. Either way, Gawker's having a contest, and I'm sure they don't care about your intents:

Win a Valentine's Day White Castle Date with The Assimilated Negro

White Castle Valentine [White Castle]


  1. I was going to make a wiseass remark about how you love being dominated and pissed upon (like a certain Gawker target), then realized I may be running into you at some point, ha.

  2. I would sign up because I can tell you're an easy lay, but I'm outta town. And it'll take more than some White Castle and girly drinks. Ha!

  3. I had originally planned to get myself drunk and take advantage of myself. But, I can do that any night of the week.

  4. T.A.N.,

    I would go out with you, but I have to hold down 5280. I mean what is Denver without Ms. Denva? Besides we only get the frozen White Castle in the box, but I will buy some and eat them on Cupid's day just for you.

    Your date in Denva,

    Ms. Denva
    5280 Princess

  5. I'm a woman who doesn't like a challenge.

    How about February the 15th?

  6. I'm not in NY, but a chance to date TAN would be reason enough to make the trip. That's one prize I really want, and I appreciate a man who is selective,
    I don't compete for dates.
    for whatever it's worth;
    You aughta choose a Puerto Rican,
    we bridge cultures.


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