Thursday, February 08, 2007

Let Them Eat White Castle

From the wiki: In Western culture, Yin and Yang are often erroneously portrayed as corresponding to "evil" and "good" respectively. The truth is that neither Yin nor Yang is preferable or morally superior.


Hopefully it won't be noticed, but it could be glitchy around here for a couple days. Blogger is forcing the move to their new system, and while I'm looking forward to organizing the chaos within these virtual walls, there could be bumps.

In the meanwhile, in between styles, here are some links that will make you a better person:

True Negro Confessions - let me know what you think

Black Like Me? - David Matthews does a great job digging into some of the Obama issues I referenced in the Rudy post.

What Black men Think PSA
(video) - keep forgetting to link this, but there's a site and myspace. Good subject, it's almost a serious version of my True Negro Confessions premise.

White Castle Valentine's Day - we might do something with this on Gawk. But either way, alone or with harem, I am not missing CANDLELIGHT at White Castle. I personally think this should be running non-stop on CNN's breaking news scroll.

And speaking of A Tribe Called Quest, the 33 1/3 book on Tribe's first album drops soon. Here's the wiki on the critically acclaimed "series of books written about important and/or seminal music." They also have a blog. What they don't have are hip hop titles, but Tribe should be a good one.


  1. We don't have White Castle here. We have Krystal. We also have a lot of girls named Krystal.

  2. You are so not going alone. You need a harem? I'll be your harem. Candles at White Castle: too good to miss.

  3. Anonymous2/12/2007

    The photo of you on Gawker is hot.

    But I actually wanted to say that I am totally excited about the Tribe book. They were by far my favorite group growing up. I have all their eraly stuff on my IPod. And, in fact, listened to it this weekend to pump me up for a speaking engagement.


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