Wednesday, February 28, 2007

FreeWrittens: Butter On Hominy Grits

From the archives:

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Yo I start wreckin’
Like yo I didn’t reckon
Putting on the record
Press play and record
Might play a little checkers
Then I cross the checkered
Then I play chess
Some will be the pawn
I’m shopping at the pawn
Looking for the scroll
Down when I scroll
Not nick kroll
But getting on a roll
Like butter on a roll
Wouldn’t touch it with a pole
In the north or south pole
One team one goal
Score another goal
Except usa
everybody saw em fold
Like paper that I fold
Pleats are little folds
I gotta billfold
Yo, shit’s empty
It’s too much for the tracks
I’m on the wrong side of the tracks
On my arm I got tracks
For the heroin
I need a girl not a heroine
But yo, hope she got boobies
And a nice booty
One that don’t dooky
Might sound a little cooky
Like broccoli cookies
Aww sooky-sooky
Checking on the time
Keeping it on time
Weapon when I rhyme
One time for your mind
I hope you don’t mind
Planting little mines
If it’s mine, I say it’s mine
If it’s yours I say it’s fine
Unless it’s a girl then I say, damn you look fine girl
would you like a little wine girl
Don’t whine girl
Not the type to have nine girls
I’m not german
But I am germane to the world of the insane
Like jermaine jack
And then I get the mike’s hard
You think this mic’s hard
Yo I get it hot /[indecipherable]
Get the mic hard
Hot like fire
Better get your right guard
N’s is gay
But I’m getting brokeback love
Smoke that bud
I hope that club
Choke that buzz
I’m loco cuz
Better call the popo fuzz
Hot like ironing your clothes in the heatwave
In the blue room no AC
No lineouts better call the AV
Call the story off the AP
No games
Like Gnarls B
I’m crazy …

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