Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ghetto Pass: Exit Plan

Today's Ghetto Pass is about how to leave the ghetto, The Exit Plan:

Like the lushest of Shakespearean tragedies, leaving the ghetto is such sweet sorrow. There may be no finer setting to observe the babes of comedy and tragedy both suckling up to Father Nature's bosom to nurse from the same lactating teat. But while we smile and reminisce on sweet serenades of quarter-waters and looseys, we inevitably remember that no one leaves the ghetto on accident. A citified reflection of our own internal duality, the ghetto is both loved and loathed; tragically flawed so that it is most appreciated after it is eventually left behind. Whether you want to be a head coach in the Super Bowl or just a bummy-looking Blipster, no one, not even the president, enters the ghetto without a proper exit strategy.

Ghetto Pass

From Negro To Assimilated Negro [TAN]

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  1. Some folks leave the ghetto... but others, well they embrace the ghetto. That's hiphop.


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