Monday, February 05, 2007

Now You Know ...

I haven't hit my ni**a know peeps with some link-love in a while. Somehow I stumbled on them yesterday and they provided me with much amusement. They don't post every day, but when they do it's usually fire. Peep some selections from the front page below:

Wiki game - I wrote a little draft up for "Negropedia" around the same time they put up this post. But this is for real, I've been reading some wikis on hip hop groups and we definitely need some race regulating up in there.

iphone game - I can't say much on this, cause if I have the dough when these come out (I won't), I might cop one, but regardless they kill this too.

Wii is for Wiite people - This post on the Wii system is hilarious, and has my vote for funniest imagework:

- This is way old-school now, but besides the somewhat entertaining drama in the comments that will easily fill your quota for racial epithets being flung back and forth (you've been warned), I didn't see much in the hubbub that actually talked about whether Kramer should even be up on stage playing comedian. But Big Eddie Ed had some wisdom on that:
You can't go to no Kramer stand up comedy shit and expect to dumb out to some shit like its Cedric the Entertainer. You are surrounded by white motherfuckers, and you watching Kramer. This motherfucker is good at being jumpy and having tall hair. That's all, nigga. It ain't a comedy show if all you got is white motherfuckers in the audience, because white people ain't got no sense of humor. I mean, when the fuck was the last time you seen a black prop comic? Say word on that.
So there you go. When I slow it down a little, and you get fed up with me trying to get my Will Smith or Cuba Gooding on, these are my real Ice Cube heads shooting perpetrators in the dome while I'm crying over girly-drinks with blood all over my face, wondering if my father's gonna hit me in the head with one of those silver stress balls cause I came home after curfew.

Holla at ya boys.

(and if you like the pic, obviously check their swag. not sure if the breezie is still available though...)


  1. eauhellzgnaw2/06/2007

    How can someone so funny promote such an unfunny site?

  2. Neil Kramer2/06/2007

    Great. As someone with the last name "Kramer," I used to have people associate my name with the gentle 70's movie "Kramer vs. Kramer." Now my name is mud.

  3. Anonymous2/06/2007

    I love the asian (or asian-american) in the pic playing the wii system. great shot.

  4. Anonymous2/06/2007

    I don't think this even relates to this post but I think Craig Ferguson is funny.


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