Monday, February 12, 2007

Watch This Video and Fall In Love With White People All Over Again

Sometimes I'm down, but then you see something like this and realize how fortunate you are to live in the good ol' United States of Caucasia:

via Joey and Supernegro


  1. Serious? Yep, it is official like a referee with a whistle. I am NOT getting married and if I do I will NEVER be that lame.

    5280 Princess

  2. Anonymous2/13/2007

    I think that groom probably wanted to do this ever since he first saw the video. He probably proposed with this condition, and the bride reluctantly agreed. I feel bad for her and especially the wedding party.

  3. Laurie2/13/2007

    Bride: You want to do WHAT at the reception? Seriously? How about if we just perform a live sex act instead....

    Hopefully, these two will not procreate.

  4. Feel bad for them? Looked like they were having fun to me.

    Yeah, the dancing was almost terminally caucasian but, as a musician (and white boy), I see lots of that. Worse, I have folk like that wanting to sit in. *sigh*

  5. eauhellzgnaw2/13/2007

    Thumbs up. I give them points for originality and humor. You gotta love folks who can't dance, but are brave (or oblivious) enough to dance anyway.

    But I'm almost positive that the groom would've called off the whole thing had there been black folks watching them.

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  7. at least they didn't do the electric slide.

  8. I had a good time watching that.

  9. Anonymous7/21/2007

    i LOVE white people!


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