Friday, February 02, 2007

Rough Draft: Blogging All Over New York

So sometime last summer I wrote this song, which was a send-up of a track that was out a year prior to that, "Pimpin' All Over The World" by Ludacris. "Pimpin'"wasn't a particularly good song, but it was ripe for parody, and sometime after I started meeting some of the NYC bloggers the concept for "Blogging All Over NY" was born. I have a video treatment (complete with a sketch interlude) plotted out for this. I never did write the third verse though. And I never got anyone to sing the chorus. But I was thicslose to shooting it, even sent the e-mail out to organize all the NYC blogger cameos, but my creative ADD kicked in, and there was no $ involved, and the song is kind of old, so it just sort of faded to black. But I'll get it done at some point, just to have in the vault.

It's a little rough, but that's what blogs are good for sometimes ... plus, you know, it's like sharing with friends. As freedarko might tell you, behind closed doors, I'm a little into transparency and the deconstruction of process right now.

It also lets me link some people in a creative fashion, I actually posted these hyperlink-verses (can I say hyper-verses? ... there's some coinage in the audio-literary presentation of this that's gonna be my thing) a while back in the archives, but will re-post on the big board below for convenience.

My favorite line is: "word, my words overheard on the streets/where they bump my nerve sh*t from the curb to the beach" - It flows well, and works the hypelink ish to a tee.

[quick aside: the tether to my sanity is fraying. And I like it.]

Now audio:


MP3 File


all over new york baby
center of the universe
the blogging here is so crazy right now
that’s why, when I see a girl
i walk right over to her
i’m like yo …

waddup girl, I’m a blogger
assimilated negro looking for fodder
and I’m not your average ipodder
kicking some game
you know my sh*t’s smart, funny,
plus a little insane
see TAN is running this town
and if you got some wi-fi
I could show you around
that’s why anywhere online
you’ll be thinking of me
there's so many blogrolls with people linking to me
they really digging my sh*t
guys want to get me drinks
girls show me their tits
I’m fueled by NY
can’t fuck with the sticks
trying to hit these hipster chicks
in the basement of Lit
the assimilated negro dot com
I swear it
now you know the URL
go share it
make sure you tell them how your boy got flows
scripts and videos
Gonna …


we act like stars
dodgeballing at the back of the bar
you know who we are
cause we’re blogging all over new york ...

Verse 2
you hear the song so dance
go on and shake your ass like monkeys up in your pants
cause see me
I’m blogging in 3-d
popping out like titties on an IJC
word, my words overheard on the streets
where they bump my nerve sh*t
from the curb to the beach
but you can reach me downtown
with that smart-ass banter
talking shit, taking shots with the copyranter
this is what we do now
these real New Yorkers
know your blog ain’t sh*t
'til it’s linked on gawker
that’s how I shake it up
get the dough and rake it up
beefin' on the street
son, you better break it up
gonna need some tapin' up
smelling salts for wakin' up
stories that I tell
you can’t make it up
this is live, no satellite
flow so satin-like
for my sharp tongue young manhattanites

(sketch break)

Verse 3

TAN Audio Room [TAN]


  1. Sports Chick2/02/2007

    I heard your voice for the first time in your interview. It's very sexy.

  2. Anonymous2/02/2007

    Seriously, i think you're a talented writer, but this shit really needs to stop. Anytime you rap about blogging or post lyrics about it, I start cringing. Seriously, its uncomfortable.

  3. Hater's Ball2/02/2007

    Here it comes: hatehatehatehatehatehate

    don't go crazy/kanyazy on us.

  4. chick - thanks. your comments are very sexy.

    anon - duly noted, I can see the geekery of blogging mixing with the unassailable cool of hip hop being a tough mix for some. but I can't stop, the power of christ compels me. plus it's opened doors and gotten love from other non-anonymous peeps, so i'll keep it on the plate for now, and try and do better the next time.

    hater's - word. my skin's toughening, so hopefully I'll stay on the good side of sane. stay tuned...

  5. I don't hate on blogging or rapping. We're cut from the same cloth homey. I got a mean 16, 24 or whatever else from everything regarding cultural critiques and straight-up hating on hipsters.

    Yea, I went to private school. Yeah, I'm a good writer. Yea, I can rap. Yea, you're offended because multi-faceted and intelligent black in the new triple threat. Do you THUG THIZZLE TAN!

    DrewRicketts of

  6. I think these are always pretty good TAN. I did hate the "pimpin'" song when it was out though.

  7. I love it! But you know this already. Make sure you get me in the video.

  8. If I hadn't already stolen your Prince post today, I'd swipe this one. Oh yeah, I can post-date it...THANKS!

  9. I can dance to it, Dick. I'll give it an 8.9 on the scale.


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