Monday, February 19, 2007

Former News Anchor/Rapist Now Looking For Work


  1. Anonymous2/19/2007

    Hey TAN, I know you read Nerve but have you seen the new blogger? Can you please date her and have thousands of attractive melanic new-media babies? love, a Gawker commenter (and white castle loser)

  2. Hey T.A.N,

    That is a Denver news anchor. How you just gonna call the brotha out like that. LOL. Man, you have made me want to watch the news more often.

    Ms. Denva

  3. Anonymous2/20/2007

    Patrice, your Valentine's Day date video is hilarious!! I wish I had read the blog sooner and tried to win a date. Alas, it was not meant to be - an old friend from Pomfret.

  4. that shit is balls-out funny! i was eating entenmanns oatmeal raisin cookies with milk when i saw it and literally did the milk through the nose thing.

    i'm gonna post it in my blog entry tomorrow, if that's cool with you, and of course give you a shoutout with a link included in it.

    funny shit!!!

  5. My bad T.A.N. He might be an anchor in L.A. I just know that I lived in one of the places where he is an anchor. LOL *locks door swiftly and grabs a bat*

  6. Anonymous2/21/2007

    defamer had this up about 4 months ago.

  7. Anonymous10/03/2011

    and the winner is: Mr. Brown!!


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